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Guest Post: Single’s Awareness Day

After begging and pleading with people for guest posts, I suddenly had a flood of them (but not too many so none of you are off the hook) and this one needs to go up today as it seems most appropriate after I acknowledged the married ladies who might not have super romantic husbands yesterday. Today, Karen who you may know from the comment section, has graciously shared a little about her Valentine’s Day traditions as a single young lady…

Happy Single Awareness Day!

I have a confession to make, out of the 30 Valentine’s Days AKA Singles Awareness Day, I have seen, I have had a “boyfriend” for one of them, and that is when I was 10 so I’m not sure how much that counts, but I’ll take what I can get. By the time I hit high school I was absolutely fed up with the holiday and would make all the typical bitter comments about it being a made up holiday by the card, flower, and chocolate companies.

All that changed my senior year of high school thanks to a friend looking out for me. That year I got a singing Valentine from Henry (not to be confused with Henry Banks!). Now, considering that I was not the most popular girl in school, my getting any kind of Valentine let alone a singing Valentine was going to cause quite a stir especially as people tried to figure out who Henry was. And at that point my snarky side came out and I would just play 20 questions about who Henry was.

When I went away to college, I would still have something waiting from Henry and it would always create lots of questions as to who Henry was. When FB came out I then posted the pictures of the flowers I received from Henry creating even more questions from all my FB friends. If I couldn’t have a boyfriend having people asking all kinds of questions and providing minimum answers became my way of enjoying Single’s Awareness Day.

roses from Henry

The last 2 years I have not been able to receive gifts from Henry for a variety of reasons, but later during the year it has been made up to me. But I continued to post things on FB to garner questions. This year I posted lyrics from the song “Taylor the Latte Boy”. And Rose took the bait and asked a bunch of questions causing me to just giggle as I would respond. After a couple of response I came up with the idea for a guest blog so here it is.

flowers from Henry

Now what I’m sure you a

re all wondering is who Henry is. Henry is the Crown Prince of Haragrace from the story Where to Begin by my best friend. Don’t bother looking for that story on Amazon; she never finished it, much to my annoyance as I have half the manuscript in my possession. But Prince Henry was courting my character in the story, and my best friend in turn would send me Valentines from him.

Valentine’s Day is day about love, but it doesn’t have to be Romantic Love. My best friend made sure that I felt loved on that day for 10 years and that has helped to change my perspective on Singles Awareness Day, as a day to show everyone in your life a bit of love.

monkey from Henry

A note from Rose—I sure did fall for it, and not just a little; when she mentioned “boy” in her post, I flat out asked if this was a cougar-type relationship! 

Thank you, Karen, for coming to post.