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Something Not-So-New Sunday

My Something New Sunday post today has been moved to next week due to technical difficulties, or in other words, I was going to present something myself, but my husband didn’t realize I was saving a  particular item and tossed it in the trash, so now I have to wait until my kids go through another jar of jelly.

So…instead I’m going to do some updates (those are new, aren’t they), answer a few reader questions (hopefully one or two will be new), and announce winners (and this WILL be new). So it all works out:


  • Exciting news! I have found another narrator for two of my audiobooks. The one doing Her Sudden Groom cannot start until later this month, and the one one who is doing the audio for His Contract Bride has already begun, and we should have a book the first half of March!
  • More exciting news: His Brother’s Bride is coming along very, very well. I’ll have no difficulty, barring any sort of extreme, having it out in April.
  • I am still accepting donations for libraries. In fact, I have now made a page for it on my blog where I’ve listed all 50 states and have put a link to every library that I have sent books to. (Note: the link went up the day the books were mailed, if the library chooses not to accept the books or they have not been processed yet, they will not show up in the catalog, so give them a few weeks.) If you’d like your library to be included, even if I’ve already sent books to your state, please email me with the name of the library system and I’ll see what I can do.
  • Even more exciting news (but probably only for me)! While putting up the links to where my books are available in libraries, I got snoopy. I’ll admit it, I snoop around on things and already two library systems have my books available for checkout: Bartlesville Public Library in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and Tulsa City County Library in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And it gets even better, one of the books was already checked out from the Tulsa library! Sounds silly, but for me it was totally cool! Thanks, Tulsa. In all fairness, I did send both of these libraries in December so they had a head start.
  • Still taking submissions for guest posts. If you have something interesting you’d like to talk about, a craft to share, or just want to be a star for a day, I’d love to have you on. I’m trying not to make it so inane on here, so since variety is the spice of life, I’d love to feature something unusual or fascinating on here.  Just email me or use the form on the page dedicated to this and we’ll schedule you a day!

Reader Questions:

  • Does His Jilted Bride pick up where Her Imperfect Groom ended? Yes and no. It’s a year later, and nothing crucial has happened in between the times. So in other words, no it is not necessary to have read His Contract Bride or His Yankee Bride first.
  • Will Henry get a story, if so, when? Henry will be the hero in His Brother’s Bride due out in April, 2013.
  • Can Jack, Emma and Marcus’ adopted son, inherit his title, he technically is a male. No. Jack was the son of a daughter of the title, heirs have to be sons of heirs. If Marcus had had a brother, then his brother would have inherited first upon Marcus’ death, then his brother’s son after Marcus’ brother died. Or if Marcus’ brother died before Marcus, it would go straight to Marcus’ nephew at his passing. The title cannot pass to a female, so her children out out. I suppose Marcus and Emma could have tried to lie about the parentage, and being recluses it might have worked except for two things: 1. Emma was seen for a few weeks in London during the Season–this wouldn’t have happened if she were pregnant. 2. While both a bit scandalous and ready to bend rules, neither of them were just outright liars or deceitful. Could they have pulled something like that off? Possibly, if they had the help of friends, but this never entreated the equation. They were flawed characters, to be sure, just not THAT flawed.
  • Why did X happen or X not happen in His Jilted Bride? I’ll be glad to answer all questions about this title privately now and will post any questions (with answers) publicly a month after the book has been available. I try not to give out too many spoilers as I realize there are still some people who have not read any of my books and would like to be surprised, but I also realize there are some with questions and it’s easier to answer them publicly so if anyone else has the question, they don’t have to wonder forever or email me if they don’t wish. I prefer to wait to answer publicly to give everyone who might happen by a fair chance to read the book first.
  • When will X book be out? Frankly, your guess is often as good as mine. I don’t have any control over that, other than how fast I type–and even that can be a challenge with kids and a family. I can only give estimates, and even those aren’t always guaranteed. I, do, however, have a mailing list you can sign up for that will email you automatically when a new book is available. It also provides direct links to many of the eBookstores for a convenient way to find the book. A sign up form is located at the top right corner of my blog and I have two on my website–on the home page and on the “Book” page. If you cannot get the form to work, email me personally. Believe it or not, I do respond (unless it goes to the Junk folder, then I might miss it…) and I can manually add your name to the list.
  • Will you autograph a book for me? Absolutely. The easiest way to do this is to order a book from me here at my website. All books come from me personally and will be signed/personalized. The second best way is to meet me in person! Unfortunately, that’s not a very likely possibility as I am more socially awkward than Alex and Wallace combined and hate going out in public. You can also mail me a copy of your already purchased book and I’d be happy to sign and return it.

That’s all–I think. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. There are NO stupid questions. None.

And now for the giveaway winners from the Sober Stupidity post…

1. Linda S. Merrill

2. Lauralynn Elliott

3. Moonprincess 111

Congrats, ladies, I’ll be emailing you shortly!

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Madison from To Win His Wayard Wife, Answers Readers’ Questions

Good nearly afternoon, everyone. Today I have Madison Banks soon-to-be—

Don’t you dare say it.

All right, I won’t. Today Madison has graciously agreed to come help me answer some questions that some of the readers have asked. It seems you have become quite a popular person though you haven’t said much, Madison, and people want to know more about you.

Well, they can ask, but I may not tell. I do tend to drift of, you know?

Oh, would you let that rest already. All right, here we are, “In Intentions of the Earl, Liberty, who is always so proper uses the word ballocks. How in the world did she learn such a word? And, use it in the right context?” You know, I sometimes wonder if I should have left that tidbit of information out. I seem to get a lot of enquiring minds want to know type e-mails about this one. But, instead of me writing a boring response, Madison, would you like to tell them?

And why do you think I would know such a thing?


Oh, all right. She probably heard it from me.

Did she now? And why on Earth would you say such a word?

*Shrugs* It was part of a jest I heard once. She must have heard me repeating it. Would you like to hear it?

Not particularly.

Oh, why not?

Because this isn’t the time, nor the place, that’s why not. Next question. “What is Madison daydreaming about all the time?”

That’s enough. I did not come all this way for you to make sport of me.

I’m not. See, *showing her the paper* someone wonders what’s going on in your head, what you’re thinking all the time. Would you care to tell us?

No. There are some things not meant to be shared. This is one of them. Next question, please.

Sorry, everyone, you’ll just have to wait on that one. There will come a time–about the 15th of April or so—when she can no longer deny your request to enter her head. All right, next up, “After the third book, will there be a fourth?”

Don’t look at me, I have no idea what’s going on in that scheming head of yours.

You’re right. I’ll answer this one. Yes and no. There will be more books, but not right away and not part of this particular series. My fourth book will start a new series but will have some familiar characters playing a small roll, however.

Do you already have this fourth book written?

Yes. Why?

Just thinking, if it’s already written, why not skip my story and move whoever is up next to the fifteenth.

Not a chance.

It was worth a shot. All right. I guess I’ll be walking down the aisle and exposing my deepest secrets on the fifteenth.

Oh, don’t sound so distraught. You make it sound as if marriage is a terrible thing.

It is when you have to marry a man who—

Would you stop that already, we have one more question to answer, “Will you be interviewing Robbie so we get his side of things?”

I won’t be, but perhaps Rose will.

Actually, yes, I will. Hopefully on Friday. If not, then Monday. That’s all the questions today, if you have something you’d like to know, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Now about that jest…