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Cover Reveal!

I decided that perhaps my Officer Series needed a cover makeover, and today, will be the first official day that the new covers will be added to my blog and website.

I’d considered dragging this out like some authors do and releasing only one cover at a time, but I just can’t do that! So without any further ado, here they are!

Red Beauty

Red Beauty

A huge thanks to Lily Smith who designed these for me! As usual, she did great and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and how great she was to work with!

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A Thursday Update

1. His Brother’s Bride is done. Kind of. 

I think I’d mentioned I’d finished writing it, and I have. I’ve also done my first round of edits, and passed it onto the editor. I did have an idea or two that I’ll have to change, but otherwise, it is coming along very nicely and will be available in the first half of April.

2. His Contract Bride is now officially an audiobook.

Unfortunately, it’s been “pending” for almost two weeks now. said it could take two to three weeks for it to be on sale, so hopefully next week it will be available for download.

3. What’s next?

Since finishing His Brother’s Bride, I’ve been finding myself devoted to several older projects–rereading this, looking at that, opening all the “starts” that I have for different books, etc. I have three other series, two that will have three books, and one that will just have two (so far), plus at least four or five other “standalones” or books that *could* be grouped with a series that already exists. While I’d like to tie up any loose ends such as with Gabriel, Marjorie, Lucy, Elizabeth, Henrietta and Olivia. I think it’s past time I honor my promise of the Officer Series and that’s where I’ll head to first. I have approximately 18,000 words completed on The Officer and the Bostoner, which thrills me to no end since I didn’t think I had that much done. Yesterday I read over what I had written on it for the first time in a year and was gravely disappointed when it came to an abrupt end!

While spending time rereading older works, I realized that some of my earlier books and ideas were just good, old-fashioned love stories: no dark secrets, no haunting pasts, no crippling fears, just two people who fall in love, and I do believe that’s what will come of The Officer and the Bostoner. Nothing more than a happy, comical love story.

Since it’s been about a year since I’ve said anything about this book, I’ll post a copy of the cover just to remind you (and me) what it looks like.