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Audiobooks at a Standstill

I’m at a standstill with these audiobooks. I’d found a voice that I really, really liked, but she got very sick toward the end of last year and since then I’ve been looking again.

However, I wanted to ask for some feedback from you all in regards to audiobooks and have put this into a poll format so you can give your feedback without exposing your identity!

First, I’m curious what your take is on a British accent or no? While the books are based in England, are you thinking of them that way when you read them? So do they need a British accent on the recording or is that too distracting?

Second, which book should I start with? When I first started looking, I thought to start with the first book of my newest series because A. it was one of my newest books, and B. chronologically, it’s the best place to start: the beginning. However, it has been my worst overall performer in regards to ebook sales and interest, so is it really the best one to start with? My other options are starting way back with book 1 (which, I’m not sure is the best idea from a business strategy because that book is free, so why pay $15-20 for the audio version). I could go with Sudden and do the entire Groom Series as my first set of audiobooks since that series is complete. I could go with Contract like I’d originally planned and go in chronological order. OR I could start with Jilted. While all of the others I’ve mentioned are books 1 in a series, to me it feels like this newest series is a two-part series where books 1 and 3 could be “like” first books. Of course I’m open to other suggestions, too!

Finally…Female or Male voice, or does it matter?

In other news…my son won the prize yesterday at his school (out of the entire school, not just his classroom) for his “unique” costume! I was so excited for him as neither of my kids have ever won up there before (I swear it’s rigged as the same kids always win).

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How did I get the idea for my first book?

Somoene e-mailed me and asked how I came up with the idea of my first book, and well, the vague answer is: it just came to me.

As I’ve said before, I was reading a book about a fortune hunter (again) and half-way through an idea popped into my head: what if he wasn’t out to marry an heiress? What if he was being paid only to ruin her reputation without offering marriage and fell in love?

The idea intrigued me.

I’d never read a book set up that way. Sure, there’s the cold-hearted abduction where the two are forced to spend time alone together and fall in love. Or, there’s the marriage of convenience where love grows in time. And of course the poverty-stricken lord who marrys (or becomes betrothed) for money and later realizes he’s in love.

 But never a man taking money to destroy a girl’s reputation.

Perhaps that’s because most people (author’s included) think at the time gentlemen were supposed to have high moral character and would never do such a dastardly deed. But this was the Regency, remember?

During the Regency, gambling, womanizing, and drinking to excess were just a few of the vices that became increasingly popular. And while we might not like to think it, some men truly were villains (the duke, perhaps?). Was this situation likely to take place? I really don’t  know. Perhaps, perhaps not.

However, as all Regency lovers do know, ladies reputations were easily damaged and not always did the gentleman responsible for said damage do the right thing. It’s also known there were sevearl impoverished lords who would marry for the sake of money. So while some might think the idea is a bit far-fetched, it’s actually not if you put it into persepctive.

Back on topic, with the plot idea in place, my next struggle became making it work. Creating two characters who had personalities that lended themselves to this type of a plot as well as a reason (other than being penniless, of course) for this to happen…