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Cover Reveal!

I decided that perhaps my Officer Series needed a cover makeover, and today, will be the first official day that the new covers will be added to my blog and website.

I’d considered dragging this out like some authors do and releasing only one cover at a time, but I just can’t do that! So without any further ado, here they are!

Red Beauty

Red Beauty

A huge thanks to Lily Smith who designed these for me! As usual, she did great and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and how great she was to work with!

My own craziness, Updates

A few changes…

I’ve decided to make a few changes regarding my upcoming books (and a few that are already out). The first being the covers:

Red Beauty

Red Beauty

Red Beauty


Red Beauty


There were a few reasons for the change, but the biggest is that I’m known for faceless ladies with large or elegant dresses. Also, kind of like each of my Groom Series, this takes a lady and puts her in a similar dress or in a scene from the book.

With the Groom Series, I tried to make the coves tie in like this:

Sudden: Caroline had blue eyes and wore a silver dress at her wedding.

Reluctant: Emma had to be party to that miserable musicale they put on for Drake (it’s a stretch, but the piano does work… Plus, the girls banged on it enough to give them all a headache and bribe them to stop).

Secondhand: This is the biggest symbol as Juliet wore a green dress with green gloves the night when Drake finally “saw” her and realized she was more than just a simple miss from the village.

Imperfect: I think she wore a similar gown at her wedding, too.

With this set:

Contract: In a literal sense, Edward had her positioned near the window to do her embroidery or whatnot, but in a figurative sense, she was trapped in a room with windows, waiting for the right person (Edward) to let her out and get to experience life herself.

Yankee: The blue writing and dress, and the endless field is how I imagine the indigo plantation in South Carolina might have looked.

Jilted: You’ll just have to wait! Oh, all right, she might be sitting on a settee in a flowery wallpapered room during what might be a critical part of the book, but that’s all I’m saying…

Brother’s: There’s a cottage and that’s all that needs to be known!

There was another reason for the changes and quite simply I just couldn’t imagine Elijah and Henry’s heroines blonde.

Anyway, it was with a lot of thought (and possibly irritation on the part of those whose opinions I solicited), that I decided to make the change. I do apologize to anyone who had their hearts set on one of the former covers, but I think these are for the best.

Also…there will be a slight change coming to the short description for His Jilted Bride. I thought it would go a certain way, but in the last 1/3 of the book, Elijah and Amelia pulled one over on me so the blurb will change marginally. I’ll post the updated blurb here and on my website in the next day or two.

Thanks to all of those Debs who helped me with my cover model dilemma!