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Passions of a Gentleman–DELAYED

(WAIT!!! Before any of you regular readers start forming a lynch mob, I am merely posting this so I have a “landing page” of where I can direct readers who e-mail me inquiring as to the whereabouts of this book.)

Please note that while I’d love to divulge more details, I just can’t. I’ve always tried to be very honest and open with my readers and I’ll try to be both of those with this post, however, some details are not mine to share.

Originally, I’d planned to put out Passions of a Gentleman in August-October 2014. But as we all can see, that didn’t happen.

Leading up to the release of Desires of a Baron (and even while writing it), I faced some unforeseen life challenges. After I finished Desires but before it released, I started headstrong in Passions and came to a screeching halt at the end of April when I realized that because I’d finished Edwina’s book (Her Imperfect Groom) with Edwina being at the same ball as Lord Belgrave (Sebastian from Secrets of a Viscount) and his wife (Isabelle) commenting on Sebastian’s flirty nature, I had a problem. All of these books take place at the same time which meant that Juliet couldn’t be Henrietta’s chaperone.

This sent me back to the drawing board and I had to find a new game plan.

A few days later I went to RT in New Orleans and while traveling to and from RT I came up with a new idea and wrote a loose outline. But when I came home and started going again, crazy, hurtful, overwhelming personal events befell me right and left and soon I had no desire to write the book. Sorry, but there it is.

Every time I’d start on it, it was like something awful seemed to happen until eventually working on it seemed like I was inviting chaos to ensue and I didn’t want to think about it. I’m not superstitious and I know in my heart that the two are not connected, but the bitter feelings I had over some of the things clouded my ability to enjoy the story.

I did write a book (The Perfect Lady Worthe) as a means to be a fun, light project to refocus. And it worked and I was able to go back and re-start Passions. I didn’t get far, however, because there were several group projects I had agreed to participate in (Jessie: Bride of South Carolina and Mistletoe & Michaelmas) and needed to focus my attention there, with writing Passions on and off in the meantime–and when I say meantime, I mean as time allots around my other projects and my literally full-time job. In the past few weeks, Passions has been my sole focus (and yes, I’m enjoying it–I could have forced myself to write it before now, but I’ve noticed books where I’m not enjoying them and I force them, readers aren’t as crazy about..and frankly, neither am I).

As my sole focus, I’d *like* to be finished in early March. But…again, I have two contracted projects coming up so if I don’t get it done before I need to start on the next book, it’ll be delayed again.

GOOD NEWS: I have a plot/plan, that works and that I LOVE and I’ve learned the word “no” when it comes to committing to other things. If I can get it done by early March, this will be an April release. If I can’t and have to work on something else for a few weeks it’ll be a June release. If, heaven forbid, that doesn’t work out, I’ll be pulling out my own hair in frustration. I don’t anticipate that, though! Things are going good.

Thank you again for all of your continued support. I appreciate it greatly!

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Updates, Changes & Polls, Oh my!

1. UPDATE: I am making awesome progress in Passions of a Gentleman. Yes, I started completely over earlier this month and taking it in a different direction (funny how 20 months can change your perception…); nonetheless, it’s clicking along nicely and I’m *hoping* within a month I’ll have a concrete release date!

2. Didja Knows will be moved to Facebook posts. I think it’s great to learn new things every day, however, because of #1 on this list, I just need to free up a little more time and I’d feel a little less guilty if I moved those interesting tidbits to my Facebook page where I can just state a simple fact and be done rather than spending an hour or more each day looking for stock photos, interesting tidbits to expound on or list out, etc. Still, something new each day…but just not quite as much. Also, it’ll give me more time to blab about the craziness that I encounter each day without feeling like I’m being overbearing with sending too many emails to your inbox.

3. I’m havin’ a party! Okay, okay, it’s not just me. On Saturday January 30, from 5pm to 10pm EST, there’ll be a Facebook Party (click link so you can join) to celebrate Love Regency Style. I’ll be on from 9-9:30 talking about Secrets of a Viscount. I’m sure there will be plenty of giveaways and tons of fun!

4. And finally…a few polls! I’ve been writing for six years now and blogging for five. Over that time I’ve noticed some changes–some good and some bad. I’d like to better connect with those who do read my blog posts, so if you’d all be willing to take a few minutes to help me out, I’d appreciate it! [Please note: all polls are anonymous so no worries, I’m not going to hunt you do and interrogate ya about your answers.]



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Rose’s Romance Ramblings is Now Rose Unscripteed

For 2016 (and beyond I hope unless I’m thrown off of this thing), I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog just a little bit. Instead of focusing on romance novels (mostly mine *grins*) I think being more candid about my life and things as I see them is the direction. Oh, wait, I already do that…plus, I never really rambled on about romance anyway–it was just a somewhat catchy title with all the words starting with the letter R.

So, if you get an email from ROSE UNSCRIPTED in place of where Rose’s Romance Ramblings used to be…it’s just me stalking you legally. No worries it’s still the same crazy content with a new name.

In short: new name, same crazy. Open if you dare!

Oh, and be on the look out soon for a new “look” to the layout.


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I’m sure it has not gone unnoticed that roughly a year ago my blog postings came to a screeching halt. Several times in this year, I’ve tried very hard to re-start them, but had so many stumbling blocks. Unfortunately, I cannot share the details of my hiatus, but I can give some updates!

1. I am getting ready for a trip to Phoenix, AZ where I’ll be presenting a workshop at Buildin’ the Dream–a writer’s conference. 

The workshop is titled Write with your Heart, Sell with your Brain. This is definitely author-focused so if you’re a writer or aspiring author, or even an assistant or publicist, and you’re in that area or planning to attend the conference, please come see me!

Speaking of conferences…

2. I just got home for RT in Dallas!

I drove myself to and from the conference this year so any crazy travel shenanigans were my own doing… Which admittedly, did happen, but I shan’t divulge details and incriminate myself! I had a ton of fun while there and met many new authors. I also picked up TONS of swag and books (some signed, some not) that I’ll be giving away soon! Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, giveaways…

3. I currently have a super giveaway already up on Facebook.

For the past few months I’ve been giving away a box of books and swag to a random fan who likes the post. Comments are awesome and totally appreciated, but you don’t have to leave one to be entered.

Click here for the post.

Also, I have a 0ne-day giveaway as well (this will end at 12pm CST today). This one is a little more involved. I just need a comment with your favorite book quote (doesn’t have to be one of mine). Click here and see top post (pinned).

4. The book featured in the second giveaway is my new novella, The Perfect Lady Worthe

I hope you all knew I put out a new novella in March, but just in case, here are the details.

Lady Worthe Cover for HJ

The last thing Jane Cavanaugh would ever expect is to be married—she is an invalid, after all—but that doesn’t mean she can’t help with her sister’s husband hunt! (Even if it is with a wee bit of reluctance.)

The last thing Gareth, Lord Worthe would ever want to do is to fall in love with his closest friend’s younger sister.

But fate just might have something else in store for these two…

Please note, this novella is approximately 23,500 words and is on sale for .99 at the following places:

5. And finally, Passions of a Gentleman

Still making progress. I know I’ve said that multiple times, but I really am. It’s just slow progress. I’ve had more re-starts than I could have ever dreamed about having. I just want to make sure it’s right. That’s what’s fair to you all, to me and well, to the characters, too!


Have a blessed week!


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Announcements and Updates

A few announcements:

1. I’m running a super-easy giveaway on Facebook for a wide array of swag and a few of my books. All you have to do is like the POST. That’s it. I’ll randomly select a winner from the list of likes on March 31, 2015. This is open worldwide.

Here’s the post (sorry, I couldn’t get the picture to upload):

2. The Perfect Lady Worthe  will be out in one week from today–March 24, 2015.

Lady Worthe Cover

3. For a limited time, I’m offering Her Sudden Groom for FREE.

Her Sudden GroomHere are all of the links:



Now onto Passions of a Gentleman!

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New Story on the Horizon!

I know,  I’ve been terrible about blogging for the past year. It’s been very stressful and in a nutshell I haven’t had an easy time of it. I do apologize.

But…on the plus side, I do have a new story (novella) that will be released before the end of the month. My hope is no later than March 24th, and possibly earlier. The book is written and edited and is now in the proofreading stage so it shouldn’t be much longer.

Enough of my blabbing, here’s a little about the book!

Lady Worthe Cover

The last thing Jane Cavanaugh would ever expect is to be married—she is an invalid, after all—but that doesn’t mean she can’t help with her sister’s husband hunt! (Even if it is with a wee bit of reluctance.)

The last thing Gareth, Lord Worthe would ever want to do is to fall in love with his closest friend’s younger sister.

But fate just might have something else in store for these two…

Please note, this novella is approximately 23,500 words.


~*~A little note on Passions of a Gentleman I am still working on it, very slowly. I’ve made a tangle of gargantuan proportions with the timeline and sorting it out has been a trick. But I AM still working on it and that should be my next book released. ~*~

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Cover Makeovers!

While I know some people don’t like change, I felt it was time for a change with my Fort Gibson Officers series.

So, without any further ado, here are the new covers!


Bostoner New 3Southerner New 3Traveler New









A very special thanks to my local friend who drew these with chalk. I think she did an amazing job making them truly one-of-a-kind.

I’ve already changed the covers at most retailers, and will be updating my website with them shortly. That said, if you are interested in a paperback copy with the original cover, they are still available on Amazon. I’ll be changing the wraparound early next week.


(PS–just between us, I am making AWESOME progress in Passions of a Gentleman!)