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SALE on entire Grooms Series!

From now until the end of the month my entire Groom Series (Her Sudden/Reluctant/Secondhand/Imperfect Groom) will be on SALE for 99 cents each!

Groom sale grid

These are available at all major eBook retailers.






This is the perfect time to stock up for yourself on books you haven’t yet read, get your friends hooked on the Banks family OR if you’ve promised someone a rose garden…well this is close enough, right?!


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Announcements and Updates

A few announcements:

1. I’m running a super-easy giveaway on Facebook for a wide array of swag and a few of my books. All you have to do is like the POST. That’s it. I’ll randomly select a winner from the list of likes on March 31, 2015. This is open worldwide.

Here’s the post (sorry, I couldn’t get the picture to upload):

2. The Perfect Lady Worthe  will be out in one week from today–March 24, 2015.

Lady Worthe Cover

3. For a limited time, I’m offering Her Sudden Groom for FREE.

Her Sudden GroomHere are all of the links:



Now onto Passions of a Gentleman!

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A Few Random Updates

1. I survived the MS-150, but not without a few aches and pains.

I have much, much more to write on this, and have a post in draft mode that I’ve been working on and hope to finish later in the week.

Again, thank you all for buying or sharing my book and helping with my donation. Also, thanks to those who donated directly.

2. For a limited time, Her Sudden Groom is Free on Amazon and Kobo.

If you haven’t yet read this book or you know a friend who might enjoy it, now is the time to go grab you copy! I’m not really sure how long it will be free, so don’t wait too long!

Here are the links:



3. My Smashwords Profile has been revamped.

By this I mean, when I upgraded my original author account to a publisher account, I didn’t realize that my author account would be replaced with the publisher account and I’d have to start a new author account.

In short, if you buy your books from Smashwords and you’d added me as an author who you follow over there, you’re no longer following ME, but rather my company. If you’d like to follow me, here is my new profile:

4. Scandalous Sisters Series Box Set has gotten a makeover!


That’s all I have for today! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sale, The Officer and the Bostoner, Updates

The Officer and the Bostoner is on SALE for a limited time!

In anticipation of The Officer and the Southerner, I am marking The Officer and the Bostoner down to .99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so if you’ve been unsure if you wanted to read it or are in the mood for a good deal. Get it while you can!

Red Beauty

Allison Pierson is a well-to-do young lady traveling by stagecoach from her home in Boston to meet her intended in Santa Fe, but instead finds herself stranded in a military fort in the middle of Indian Territory when her stagecoach leaves without her.

Given the choice to either temporarily marry an officer until her intended can come rescue her or take her chances with the Indians, she marries the glib Captain Wes Tucker, who unbeknownst to her, grew up in a wealthy Charleston family and despises everything she represents.

But when it’s time for her beau to reclaim her and for Allison and Wes to annul their marriage, will she want to go with him, and more importantly, will Wes let her?

This is the first in a series of three Historical Westerns set in Indian Territory (modern day Oklahoma) in the mid 1840s.

This book is on sale for a limited time at:

Her Sudden Groom, Sale

Her Sudden Groom discounted this month for MS Research

I briefly mentioned this Monday in the updates, but here are more details.

For the month of July, Her Sudden Groom will be on sale for .99 (eBook only, I can’t control prices of audio or paperbacks) with all proceeds from all three formats to be donated to my team that will be riding the MS-150 in September.*

Her Sudden Groom

How much of you purchase goes to MS research?

That depends on where you buy:

Amazon: 35cents

B&N: 40cents

Smashwords: 56cents

Apple: 60cents

Kobo: 45cents

Paperbacks from all outlets, approximately 1.14

Audiobooks vary from .99 to 7.99 depending on where you purchase.

How can that possibly add up?

Last year, excluding any private donations I received a total of 8,623.23 cents was raised in July alone on EBOOKS alone.

Please feel free to share this deal with your friends. As one reviewer who didn’t care for the book stated: at least the money went to a good cause. MS is a GREAT cause and supporting research for it is crucial as so many around the world suffer the effects of MS on a daily basis.**

Ways to help:

  • Buy a copy for yourself
  • Buy a copy for a friend–gifted copies count just the same as long as they’re not returned
  • Share it on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest wherever it is that you share book recommendations

*Last year was my first year riding in the MS-150 and you’re welcome to read about my experience and see pictures here. This year, I am still hopeful to ride, despite a minor accident I had a few weeks back that I plan to blog about early next week.

**I personally have no known ties to MS. It’s just a worthy cause I believe in supporting.

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July is here! Updates!

1. The Officer and the Bostoner is NOW available!

Not sure how “new” this is to most of you, but in case you missed it, The Officer and the Bostoner is now available at the following:


More coming soon!

2. Her Sudden Groom is now available as an audiobook!

Sudden Audiobook Cover

I can’t get the audio sample to load here, but you can go to my website and scroll down the front page you can listen to it! Or the following retailers should have samples:


3. Her Sudden Groom will be discounted 80% for the entire month of July!

Once again, I’ll be discounting Her Sudden Groom for the entire month of July with ALL of the proceeds going to support my biking team that is doing the MS-150 (a bike ride/fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis research). Depending on where you purchase anywhere from 35 to 40 cents will be added with each book sold. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, BUT last year, my goal was to raise $5,000 this way and was stunned that it was more than $8,500! This year, I’d like the goal to be $10,000, which I honestly believe is totally doable! If you already have a copy, you’re welcome to buy one for a friend. Every sale counts whether it’s for you or a friend.

This sale will be going on at the following places:

4. I finished The Officer and the Southerner!

Last Wednesday, I got to write those blessed two words: THE END. (I never leave them in though.) This is Jack’s story, which I really became enamored with! Bob read it Thursday and Friday after I did prelim edits and my first round. However, I’m going to let it sit a few days while I work on some other projects while the holidays pass, then will be doing more edits.Expect it September sometime. I can’t say anything more exact…like the first or last part, but September should be a good guess.

5. I have started The Officer and the Traveler.

Late last night, I wrote 225 words on it and this morning, I’ve picked back up and am making wonderful progress on Gray’s story.

6. Sebastian’s heroine got a new name.

His book, however, hasn’t made much progress since he and I last chatted on here. By that I mean, I haven’t written massive amounts of words to the story, but I did “straighten” out the kinks and should be able to start making progress on it again. Because of his being disagreeable, I won’t be able to try to off-set the American books with Regencies like I’d mentioned earlier. If Gray’s book takes off and writes itself then I’ll just do all three of the OK books, then go back to the Regencies after the series is complete. We’ll see. All I really know is that when I force a book I end up with major delays which isn’t anything any of us want. Believe me.

I think that’s all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a good week this week!