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Updates, Changes & Polls, Oh my!

1. UPDATE: I am making awesome progress in Passions of a Gentleman. Yes, I started completely over earlier this month and taking it in a different direction (funny how 20 months can change your perception…); nonetheless, it’s clicking along nicely and I’m *hoping* within a month I’ll have a concrete release date!

2. Didja Knows will be moved to Facebook posts. I think it’s great to learn new things every day, however, because of #1 on this list, I just need to free up a little more time and I’d feel a little less guilty if I moved those interesting tidbits to my Facebook page where I can just state a simple fact and be done rather than spending an hour or more each day looking for stock photos, interesting tidbits to expound on or list out, etc. Still, something new each day…but just not quite as much. Also, it’ll give me more time to blab about the craziness that I encounter each day without feeling like I’m being overbearing with sending too many emails to your inbox.

3. I’m havin’ a party! Okay, okay, it’s not just me. On Saturday January 30, from 5pm to 10pm EST, there’ll be a Facebook Party (click link so you can join) to celebrate Love Regency Style. I’ll be on from 9-9:30 talking about Secrets of a Viscount. I’m sure there will be plenty of giveaways and tons of fun!

4. And finally…a few polls! I’ve been writing for six years now and blogging for five. Over that time I’ve noticed some changes–some good and some bad. I’d like to better connect with those who do read my blog posts, so if you’d all be willing to take a few minutes to help me out, I’d appreciate it! [Please note: all polls are anonymous so no worries, I’m not going to hunt you do and interrogate ya about your answers.]



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Didja Know? #9 Falling in line with Wicked Wednesday…

Falling in line with the Wicked Wednesday theme, here are some Victorian Euphemisms for certain…er…female things.

Adultery: Criminal Conversation

Brothel: House of Ill Repute, Sporting House, Temple of Venus, Den of Vice, Disorderly House

Condoms: French Letters, French Male Safes, French Secrets

Female Genitals: The Box, Pandora’s Box

Loss of Virginity: Deflower(ing), Loss of Honor and Ornament, Tossing Away the Jewel of her Soul

Male Genitals: Peculiar Members, Secrets

Menstruation: The Monthly Sickness, Love’s Eternal Wound, The Curse/The Curse of Eve

Pantaloons: Unmentionables, Inexpressibles

Prostitutes: Degraded Daughters of Eve, Soiled Doves, Fallen Women, Daughters of Pleasure, The Fair but not Frail, Immoral Temptress, Aspasia, Girl on the Town, The Unfortunate Children of Sorrow, Bawds

Prostitution: The Great Social Evil, The Horizontal Trade, The Frail Sisterhood, The Practice of Debauchery, Criminal Connection

Pubic Hair (female):  Cupid’s Arbor

Sexual Intercourse: Sexual Congress, Carnal Connection, Carnal Knowledge, Sparking, Conjugal Attachment

Venereal Disease: Social Disease, The Bad Disorder, The Frightful Physical Malady, The Private Disease


~*~Since the majority of my books are in the Regency Era, I didn’t know a lot of these until I had to do some research to write for the Victorian Era (westerns). It’s really interesting how very few of these words crossed eras!

Didja Know?

Didja Know? #7 Don’t put that…

Q-tips or cotton swabs seem to be the only product I know of that everyone I know (including me) purchases to use in the exact opposite way it was intended. 

In case you’ve never looked too carefully at the box (or cylinder if you use the colored swabs) there is an explicit warning not to put this in your ear…and yet we all do it! 

We shouldn’t, but we do. 

My husband teases me that I enjoy cleaning my ears, but after some research I now know why: there are sensitive nerves in your ear canal that for whatever reason feel good when they’re touched. 

After having so many ear infections in the last year am I likely to stop using q-tips altogether? No. But I have drastically slowed down. Hey, it’s better than a Bobby pin, right?!

Didja Know?

Didja Know? #5 It’s time to brush up on your table manners!

ID 46084550 © Seeables | Dreamstime.com
ID 46084550 © Seeables | Dreamstime.com

If you’re planning to dine with anyone from the Victorian Era (or really any civil person today), you might do well to know and practice the following Victorian Era table etiquette:

  • Never allow butter, soup or other food to remain in your whiskers (I wonder if this applies to old ladies or cats, too???)
  • Never wear your gloves at the table unless something is wrong with your hand and it is unfit to be seen
  • When serving others, do not overload their plates, nor give them delicacies they decline
  • Never make a display when removing hair, insects or other disagreeable things from your food. Place such quietly under the edge of your plate.
  • Each attendee must stay for an hour after dinner–it is impolite to hurry.
  • Do not sneeze or cough at the table. It is better to excuse yourself than to sneeze or cough at the table. A sneeze can be prevented by placing the finger firmly on the upper lip.
  • Avoid placing waste matter (potato skins, cherry pits, bones, etc) upon the tablecloth.
  • Making noise while trying to get the last drop of your drink or soup should be avoided!
  • Never open your mouth while chewing.
  • Do not tip your chair backwards.
  • Do not stand up from the table with food still in your mouth.

And finally…

  • Do not explain which foods do and do not agree with you!

There are actually TONS of other rules, some of these are common today and some of them just blew my mind (being required to hold your sneeze–hadn’t they ever heard that could blow your brain out your ears. *grins*).

Didja Know?

Didja Know? #4 Don’t hold that sneeze!

Growing up my mom always told us, “Don’t hold your sneeze, you’ll blow your brains out of your ears!”

To this day, every time I try to hold in a sneeze, I cover my ears.

ID 46598280 © Bruno Monteny | Dreamstime.com

But there’s really no need to hold them. Or maybe there is…

According to the Cleveland Clinic holding in a sneeze can be harmful to your sinuses and eardrums and can even cause an ear infection! The fact is, whatever is in your nose or lungs needs to get out. By not sneezing you’re not only keeping that yuck in your body, but you’re putting a lot of undue pressure on your ears and sinuses. So next time you feel the urge to sneeze but don’t want to disturb others or have slime cover your hands, bury your face in your arm or pull your shirt up over your nose and let it go! (No matter where you are, you have my permission.) You’ll feel so much better.



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Didja Know? #3 ~ The secret agony of pushups!

I hate to tell you all this, but I think the majority of you all probably know the fact for today. At least in part. But just in case…

Did you know that a simple pushup works six muscle groups:

  1. Pectoralis major–large chest muscles, think breast area
  2. Deltoids–shoulders
  3. Triceps brachii–backs of the upper arms
  4. Serratus anterior–under the armpits and in the back of the chest
  5. Abdominal muscles–stomach area (even if you’ve got a layer of insulation, you still have muscles under there!)
  6. Coracobrachialis–shoulder blade to upper arm


Here are some benefits:

  1. Muscle stretching and strengthening–also adds definition!
  2. Fire up the cardiovascular system which is good for both a healthy heart and weight loss
  3. Improves your posture
  4. Increases bone mass
  5. Best of all…works your abs without the dreaded crunches! (They’re probably not so bad, but I always get vertigo when I do them.)


While the above is true for everyone if the pushup is done correctly, my next statement might not be accurate for everyone:

When doing a minimum of two within a five-minute span, be prepared to be extremely sore for no less than 36-hours! This is one of those “don’t ask me how I know” facts. All I can say is: 1. I have another post to put up today that might explain this all a little better and 2. I may or may not be extremely sore after starting a “pushup” challenge yesterday… but I’m not talking.