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I have a cover…so now it’s official!

A few days ago, I mentioned that I was planning to write Marjorie and Gabriel’s story. (These are secondary characters from His Yankee Bride.)

Well…now I have NO CHOICE but to write it because I have a a beautiful cover! And it MUST be used, right?

I present to you the cover for His Penniless Bride–Banks Brothers’ Brides, Book 2.5

Red Beauty


The plotting has begun and so has the writing. More details coming soon!

Cover Reveal, Desires of a Baron, Gentlemen of Honor, Passions of a Gentleman, Secrets of a Viscount

New Regency Series Unveiled!

Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard me mention my new Regency Series and now for the covers and a little about it!

Series Name: Gentlemen of Honor

Book 1: Secrets of a Viscount

RG_secrets of a viscount_light


Secrets of a Viscount—One summer night, Sebastian Gentry, Lord Belgrave hauled the wrong young lady to Gretna Green. When her identity is exposed, the only obvious solution is to get an annulment. Only, just like his elopement plans, things didn’t go as planned and while she has reason to believe they are no longer married, he knows better. Wanting to make things right for her, he offers to help her find a husband—what neither counts on is it just might be the one she’s still secretly married to.

This book is written and is halfway through editing, be looking for it sometime in mid to late January.

Book 2: Desires of a Baron


Desires of a Baron—Giles Goddard, Lord Norcourt is odd. Odder still, he has suddenly taken a fancy to his brother’s love interest, the fallen Lucy Whitaker. Lucy was once thrown over by a lord and she has little desire to let it happen again, but she’s about to learn that his desires just might be enough for the both of them.

This book has a whopping 1,827 words so far. Look for it (hopefully) in March or April.

Book 3: Passions of a Gentleman


Passions of a Gentleman—Having been thrown over twice already, Simon Appleton has given up his pursuit for a wife—especially if his only choice is the elusive Miss Henrietta Hughes. But when he discovers a secret about her, he’s not above helping to protect her…

This book has absolutely no words started on it and will hopefully be out in May, June or July.

A few quick facts:

  • The talented Aileen Fish made these covers for me based on two very vague instructions: poofy dress and staircases.
  • These books coincide loosely with the Banks family. In the end of Imperfect, Edwina and Wallace go to a ball put on by Brooke and Andrew (Lord and Lady Townson) where Edwina dances with a Lord Belgrave who is ironically the hero for book one in this series. I wrote that scene on purpose and gave that dancer that name because I’d already written about 20% of Secrets of a Viscount (lovingly nicknamed: Patrick and Eliza, then later Sebastian and Eliza, then changed to Sebastian and Isabelle) and wanted there to be some sort of a connection between the two series. I didn’t realize just yet that I’d write seven other books and then come back to finishing this one.
  • As you might have noticed from before the first book, and consequently the other two in the series, was hard to name and for almost three years now, I called it by the names of the hero and heroine–both of which are no longer the original names. Initially Patrick from Secondhand was named Sebastian. But I changed it when somewhere before I wrote his book I read a book that had a Sebastian and Juliet paring. I wanted to keep Juliet so I switched this hero and that hero’s name and ta-da it worked. I then changed Eliza to Isabelle while writing Southerner because the heroine’s name in that book was Ella. Forget that I already had an Emma, but Ella and Eliza just seemed even more confusing.
  • Desires of a Baron has a heroine we met in my first series: Lucy Whitaker, Paul’s former love interest. She meets Liberty when she collects her illiterate illegitimate and explains about her past with Paul. She needed a happily-ever-after, so here it is. I don’t think Paul and Liberty or any others will be making appearances in this book since it’s six years later, but you never know…
  • Passions of a Gentleman also has a familiar heroine: Henrietta Hughes, Juliet from Secondhand‘s sister. Because they ARE sisters and Henrietta is living with Patrick and Juliet, I do think there will definitely be some interaction with those two and maybe even their half a dozen kids.

I believe that’s all for today. My husband calls days like today: Christmas Eve Eve. So in the spirit of the holidays, Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

PS sorry for any typos. The ice storm has killed my internet and I had to write this from my phone.

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A Hodgepodge of Stuff…

1. Another Cover Reveal.

Today over at Doing Some Reading, the second cover in my Gentlemen of Honor series–Desires of a Baron–is on display.

2. Stocking Suffer Times!

Okay, not really in your literal stockings, but I have teamed up with Sue London (to be honest, this was her idea, I just forced her to let me join her) to offer an ebook a day as a stocking stuffer. All you have to do is tell us which book from the list you’d like to win and if you’re name is randomly chosen that day, you’ll win a book of your choice from the list of featured books. If you’d like to see the list and go enter, of course, head to Sue’s blog.

3. My Mega Giveaway is still going on! 

So go enter! I have all the prizes and ways to enter listed on my website. There is MORE than enough to go around, so go get your name in there.

4. Secrets of a Viscount is firmly in the editing stage!

I’ve done a few rounds of edits, my husband has read it and given some insightful comments, and now it’s passed hands to the editor. I’ll try to come up with a doable publishing date in the next week or two, but I’m thinking mid-January.

That’s all for today! I shall be back tomorrow with another Wicked Wednesday–with Alex and Caro, you just never know what to expect.

Cover Reveal


Ironically, even in the digital age covers still play a role in stirring interest in books because one of the first things people see when looking for an eBook is the cover image.

I see some compliments come into my inbox or in comment sections of blog posts from time to time about my covers, and I have to be honest, I cannot take credit.

Here is a quick overview of how my covers came to be and a bit about the ladies who saved me from myself:

My first cover I made myself.

Intentions of the Earl Book Cover


My second cover I made myself as well.



However, two weeks or so after I used this cover, I found two more books with the same lady/background so when an author friend of mine (Ava Stone) volunteered to help me find something else, I took her up on it.

Liberty for Paul


I have to admit that I’m thrilled with her help. I have no seen the original lady on more than 12 books.

My third book, I made the cover for. But not without adjusting the font coloring and positioning for a while.



With the Groom Series I was at a loss. I’d made my others, but frankly, I’m not very creative. In a bind, and unsure what I was going to do, I jokingly put up the following–to which came emails begging me not to really use this.

Her Sudden Groom Cover


Frankly, I hadn’t planned on it. My husband who can paint  said he’d paint me a cover. Unfortunately, he waited so long he didn’t have the time and drew me one…

HSG Pt4 500X700


This time it wasn’t readers begging me not to use that, it was another author who wanted to have a frank discussion! So as the days neared, I got worried and started looking again. The idea that perhaps I could use silhouettes of a historic couple for the books in the series became an idea and I created another…

Her Sudden Groom Cover


Not great, but it could have certainly been worse, I imagine.

Defeated, I contacted a cover artist. I’d never used one before and was a bit unsure. But, it had to be done so I sent an email to Dara England who is also an author and does cover art.

With literally days before the release of Her Sudden Groom, she sent me the following:

Her Sudden Groom

Her Reluctant Groom

Her Secondhand Groom

At the time, I didn’t yet have plans for a fourth book, but two days later I did and she sent over the fourth cover that afternoon:

Her Imperfect Groom


There were a few changes such as she originally had Emma in green (to match her eyes like the blue on Caroline’s book matches hers) and Juliet in purple. I wanted those switched since Emma and Marcus put on a musicale (hence, the piano in the background) and Juliet in green since she wears a green dress the night her husband finally sees her as a woman. To make these covers, she gave me a questionnaire to fill out. One of the questions was: what do you picture on the cover? My answer was, no generous view of the bosom. Caroline is Alex’s wife and he might feel her breasts are for his viewing pleasure only, not that of the world.

As many of you might remember with my more recent two series I’ve had a few changes. The covers I presently have and the ones I plan to keep were all made by Lily Smith.

We discussed what my previous covers had in common and the trademark I’d made for my self: beautiful dress, little to no face, no heaving bosoms.

The first cover for my Banks Brothers’ Brides series, I had that photo and had been “sitting on it” for a while, waiting to use it. The moment I saw it, I knew it was Regina. However…as you can tell by my previous attempts at cover art, I’m really not good at merging a lot of elements and manipulating photos. I sent her the woman, she merged her into the background. The others in the series she found the pictures and  put them together.

Red Beauty

Red Beauty

Red Beauty

Red Beauty


It took a few tries (mainly on Jilted) but we got it.

Lily also did my Officer Series books. We switched around the names on two of them, but other than that, these were her original selections and she had very little comments from me.

Red Beauty

Red Beauty



Clearly my cover-making days are over. How could I possibly compete?! Fortunately, both Dara England and Lily Smith are both still designing and doing a wonderful job at it.

Dara England:

Lily Smith:!home/mainPage

Cover Reveal

Cover do-over

First, I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received from comments and emails. Thanks so much! It really helps.

Now, I have more options.

My original plan for the series was to have different  spines on each book: first a red, then white, then blue so the spines will be different. Also, the whole flag thing comes in because this is not only a different series, but a different country. I’d like it to be easy to detect this is an American-set book.

That being said, it doesn’t mean I’m absolutely against using the pastels if that’s what looks best.

I’m uploading two more options. One with a flag that has a blue gradient/haze over it and the other with a white. The white does look a little more “washed out” and might go better with the pastels.

Opinions welcome and I promise not to post any more up (at least not today!).

bostoner wraparound with flag corrected

Original red flag fading into red spine.

Bostoner with blue flag

Blue gradient flag running into a blue spine that matches the blue bar on the front.
Bostoner white grunge

White washed/faded flag that runs into blue spine that matches the blue on the front. This particular flag could be used with a red, white or blue spine.

Bostoner option two--pastelsPastels

Thanks again for anyone with an opinion to share.

Cover Reveal

Book cover help!

It’s time!

Time to make and approve covers for my print books, that is.

While I’m super excited about this, I need a little help.

With the last set, I used a main color from the front, the “series bar” to make the spine and back cover. This time, I’m thinking to either use the pastel color from the lady’s dress and make the font the color of the tile OR do a red white and blue theme.

I’ve put my less-than-wonderful graphic design skills to the test today and these are what I’ve come up with:

bostoner wraparound with flag corrected

Bostoner option two--pastels

If you’d be so kind as to vote using the poll to stay anonymous and/or leave feedback in the comments section I’d GREATLY appreciate it!


*images are copyright protected

Cover Reveal, Happenings, Officer Series

Cover Reveal!

I decided that perhaps my Officer Series needed a cover makeover, and today, will be the first official day that the new covers will be added to my blog and website.

I’d considered dragging this out like some authors do and releasing only one cover at a time, but I just can’t do that! So without any further ado, here they are!

Red Beauty

Red Beauty

A huge thanks to Lily Smith who designed these for me! As usual, she did great and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and how great she was to work with!

Cover Reveal, Intentions of the Earl

And still, in the digital age we judge books by their covers!

Nearly every publisher, author, editor, graphic designer, marketer, etc etc I’ve ever stopped to read the blog of has at one point or another stressed the importance of an engaging cover.

However, skeptic that I am, I didn’t put a lot of stock into it. I mean, come on, it’s a digital book. You don’t get to put it on your library shelf and pull it out to admire it from time to time. It’s just a little thumbnail picture on a computer screen you get to look at and click on to make larger, nothing more, right?


Some people (very smart people, I might add) will have a cover in mind, or even designed long before their book is ever released, and some before its even written. I am not so bright in that regard. I hadn’t settled on a cover until about two days before my book came out. (I supposed that’s a plus about the digital age, covers can be created and changed in a matter of minutes.) I spent literally three whole days searching for the perfect picture and when I saw it, I knew. I knew there couldn’t be a better picture out there for my book.

And apparently I was right.  I’ve had 2-3 e-mails daily from readers about how they loved the cover.

So yes, even in the digital age when all we see of the cover is a little graphic on a computer screen, they still make a big difference.  As for the cover itself…

And there it is. Swanky, eh? 😉