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Audiobooks at a Standstill

I’m at a standstill with these audiobooks. I’d found a voice that I really, really liked, but she got very sick toward the end of last year and since then I’ve been looking again.

However, I wanted to ask for some feedback from you all in regards to audiobooks and have put this into a poll format so you can give your feedback without exposing your identity!

First, I’m curious what your take is on a British accent or no? While the books are based in England, are you thinking of them that way when you read them? So do they need a British accent on the recording or is that too distracting?

Second, which book should I start with? When I first started looking, I thought to start with the first book of my newest series because A. it was one of my newest books, and B. chronologically, it’s the best place to start: the beginning. However, it has been my worst overall performer in regards to ebook sales and interest, so is it really the best one to start with? My other options are starting way back with book 1 (which, I’m not sure is the best idea from a business strategy because that book is free, so why pay $15-20 for the audio version). I could go with Sudden and do the entire Groom Series as my first set of audiobooks since that series is complete. I could go with Contract like I’d originally planned and go in chronological order. OR I could start with Jilted. While all of the others I’ve mentioned are books 1 in a series, to me it feels like this newest series is a two-part series where books 1 and 3 could be “like” first books. Of course I’m open to other suggestions, too!

Finally…Female or Male voice, or does it matter?

In other news…my son won the prize yesterday at his school (out of the entire school, not just his classroom) for his “unique” costume! I was so excited for him as neither of my kids have ever won up there before (I swear it’s rigged as the same kids always win).

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Bob’s commentary on His Jilted Bride

A little more than a year ago, I was looking for something to post about. I know that’s hard to believe because my posts are always so well thought-out and come so frequently (if only), but there you have it. I was in need of something to say to fill a day and decided to post my husband’s wonderful assessment of my upcoming book (which at the time was Her Secondhand Groom).

I’ve tried to keep the tradition going with of the subsequent books and today, I will share Bob’s oh-so-necessary (and amusing) commentary about His Jilted Bride.

  • A vivid scene diminished by one word: brown. What color brown? Chocolate brown? Mud Brown? (another suggestion of brown that I won’t list, but you can use your imagination for).  As it turns out, I did change it, to mud brown. To which one of my crit gals complained saying, “Mud brown? I was hoping for something a bit more complimentary!” Sorry, but for an eight-year-old boy, mud brown is probably as complimentary as it’s going to get.
  • Eh, why does Alex have to be reading a book about biology? What about astrophysics? Maybe because astrophysics wasn’t introduced as a science for another 85 years?
  • Oh my! This is a little much for a five-year-old. A warm, wet kiss, makes her sound like a five-year-old prostitute. Maybe a sloppy, wet one. I bow to my husband’s immature mind. Of course he’d know how an eight-year-old boy would term a kiss better than I.
  • Amusing while confusing at the same time. 
  • Ha Ha, very funny. Can you sense the sarcasm?
  • And are they…large breasts? Typical man!
  • Is this a word? Yes, unmarriageable is a word, no matter how much the spellcheck argues it.
  • Too many periods. While he’s speaking in terms of a punctuation error I made, I had to laugh at the irony…
  • And the moral of this story is don’t —– (I’ll have to fill this one in later!)
  • Men do not speak in this fashion, especially about THAT! Oh yes, they do!
  • There was never a more untrue statement. I lie to you every day for the better. Oh, really?
  • Another moral in this fine tale! Yep, chock full of them.
  • Oh my! Scandalous! I try. I do have a reputation to uphold you know.
  • He squeezed her tush. Bottom seems so juvenile. No comment.
  • I’d laugh, but I know someone else like that…
  • I wonder where you got this from? Well, since you asked…it was you, my dear!
  • Delete.
  • You need your asterisks
  • Starfish! It’s an inside joke, I’m afraid, but the joke is in the book, in a way.
  • ?
  • What a lovely image this invokes. After reading the sentence, I’m sure it does invoke a lovely image for a man–it did for Elijah, too, or it wouldn’t be included in his thoughts.
  • Skin. Flesh makes me think of Hannibal.
  • I thought she was going to spit on them!
  • And she died right then after a heavy man collapsed on her after sex. I think I’ll try this next time. 
  • Expose their phalanges? How improper!
  • Mrs. Gordon, this needs to change. You need to protect the identity of your fallen spiders! Sorry, Mr. Fuzzinelli, you’ve been outed.
  • Ixnay.
  • And just where is that? Above her bosom? You should say it that way.
  • Maybe you should rethink bringing a mollusk into your bedroom scene. Alrighty then. No more moving at a snail’s pace. Ever.
  • News Headline: Woman is Collapsed Upon after Intercourse, Paramedics Unable to Resuscitate her. Cause of death:  suffocation. 
  • You corn dog. Guess the ending wasn’t as butch and manly as he’d hoped?

That’s all for today… I’ll be back later the the week with that one word that causes so much debate around here: Prologue!


Interview with the Earl and Countess of Townson, After He’s Come to His Senses

Well, it’s Friday, the last day of the week, and coincidently the last day for my character interviews. (For now.) Today I’ll have a brief comfy coze with the new Earl and Countess of Townson to see what they might wish to tell us about what just took place at Covent Garden just a short while ago. Brooke? Andrew?

Brooke: Nothing so out of the ordinary for the end of a romance novel. He got on his knees and vigorously begged my forgiveness for his stupidity.


Andrew: She has the right of it. That’s exactly what I did. Like a lovesick fool, I sank to my knees in front of her and made a huge cake of myself in front of the entrance of Covent Garden.

And was it worth it?

Andrew: More than you’ll ever know. I love her and if acting like a lovesick puppy is what’s required to have her, I’d do it all over again.

I believe he’s a keeper.

Brooke: I think so, too.

Andrew: You two do know I’m right here, right?

Of course. I just thought you’d like a flashback to the first day the two of you met and everyone kept talking like you weren’t in the room.

Andrew: Indeed.

Well, I’m not sure what else to ask the two of you about—

Brooke: That’s a first.

Wow, what a snarky young lady I created. I had actually planned to ask you all sorts of questions about your feelings and such, but just now seeing as the two of you are quite content, I think it’s all better left this way. No need to trudge through feelings again.

Andrew: Agreed. No use in beating a dead horse.

*Starts* Yes, I suppose you’re right. Well then, you two go off and enjoy your day. Any plans?

Andrew: I do need an heir—

On that note, enjoy your weekend, you two. I’ll be back on Monday with the answers to ALL the questions I’ve been asked—including a few about these two—as well as the clues I weaved into the first two books about Madison’s hero.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Interview with Madison Banks, Secondary Character from Intentions of the Earl

Good morning, today I have Miss Madison Banks with me to discuss her sister Brooke’s currently tattered relationship. We haven’t yet heard her spin on her sister’s sudden romance, so as the second to last interview, I thought it was appropriate to bring her in. *turns eyes on an awfully quiet Madison* Care to enlighten us?

What would you like to know?


Even I don’t know everything. But here’s what I do know. Less than a fortnight ago Andrew, Lord Townson appeared at our doorstep and charmed Brooke under his spell that very day. Then, he courted her. They went on a ride in the park, snuck into a private room at the museum and then did who knows what scandalous activities at Uncle Edward’s house party.

Pardon me. You don’t know what all your sister did at the house party?

Actually, I do. However, I’d like to guard her reputation—even if there isn’t much of one left—as much as I can. Therefore, I won’t say any particulars.

How unlike you. I thought you’d open right up about anything she did. You’re not typically a stickler for the rules, after all.

That’s true. However, I love my sister dearly, and part of loving her is protecting her. Even from herself. So no, I won’t be sharing the details of their scandalous activities.

Very noble of you.

I try.

I know. All right, so the two were finally found out during one of their scandalous activities. What then?

They married.


Use your imagination, Rose.

I’m not talking about that. Everyone knows what they were doing following their wedding.

Good. I didn’t wish to discuss those details with you, either.

She told you about her wedding night?

No. Thank goodness.

I guess we’re all happier on that point not to know. All right, so what happened that has brought Brooke back to living in this atrociously decorated townhouse.

That would be Andrew’s doing. I don’t know all the details on that, either, I’m afraid. But from what Brooke told me he was up to no good from the start.

And do you believe that?

I have no reason to doubt her. She made several valid points.

Do you think it’s possible there could have just been a misunderstanding?


Ah, I see.

But I do think there could have been a change of heart.


Yes. I just hope he’s able to communicate that to her in a way that seeps into her thick skull before she does something drastic like going back to New York.

You don’t think he’ll be able to.

Quite frankly, no. My parents have taken to protecting her like she’s Yorktown or something.

Well, perhaps he’ll figure something out.

Only if he’s given a shove in the right direction.

Oh? And do you have an idea?

A lady never tells. *checks watch pinned on her bodice* I must be off. Good day.

*blinks* Good day.


An In-the-Carriage Chat with Brooke Black, Countess of Townson, the Next Day…

Brooke, is something amiss?

*wipes a steady stream of tears from her eye and sniffles in a very unladylike fashion* Amiss? Amiss? Yes, something’s amiss. I married the dirtiest, filthiest scoundrel there ever was. How could you?!

How could I what?

Have me marry him!

Well, I believe you recited those vows yourself…

I know that. But if it hadn’t been for you writing me that way I wouldn’t have.

Are you telling me you don’t love him?

I do, but he doesn’t love me.

Doesn’t he?

No. If he did he wouldn’t have done such a despicable thing.

Are you sure on that? You didn’t exactly let him explain, you know?

There was nothing to explain. He accepted–accepted–well, I don’t know what he accepted. But he was willing to accept something in exchange for deliberately hurting me.

And don’t you want to know what that something is?

Quite frankly, no. I’d rather not know.

But he wants to tell you.

I have no desire to listen.

Hmm, and is there a chance you might change your mind?


Tell me, Brooke, are you upset at what he did or how you found out?

*blinks rapidly* Both. He shouldn’t have done such a distasteful thing, but since he did, he should have had the decency to tell me.

And when would he have done that?

I don’t know. Last night?

Weren’t the two of you rather busy last night?

*scowls* We certainly could have made time for that conversation.

Ah huh, and do you think after said conversation you would have forgiven him?

That’s impossible to know. Since he didn’t offer the information we shall never know.

True. Exactly what are you planning to do now?

Go home.

To London?

No. To Brooklyn. You should know that, Rose, you wrote the book.

Right you are. However, sometimes my characters have a tendency to do their own thing, regardless of what I want them to do.

Well, apparently Andrew wasn’t one such character. He seemed to stick to your plan.

Interesting. Well, you’ll never really know, will you? Perhaps this was meant to be one of those bittersweet endings where everyone decides it’s best to stay apart and he changed my mind.

I doubt that. It wouldn’t be a romance if that would have happened. Not by the RWA’s standards anyway, whatever that is.

Ah, but see, that’s the beauty of not having a traditional publisher. I can write my book however I want. I can have the hero or heroine die in the end, or leave them with a touch of unrequited love. I have no one to answer for.

You wouldn’t!

Perhaps I would. You know, dearest, it was because of you that I passed up a traditional contract?


*nods* Yes, you. See, they wanted me to have you…uh…shall we say, be more seducable in the gardens the other night.

No! They wanted me to squander my virtue?!


Well…well…well, I don’t know what to say.

A simple, “thank you” should suffice.

Rather smug aren’t you?

Of course I am. I think I made the best choice for both my career and my character. It was a win-win all the way around.

It won’t be a win-win, or whatever you call it, if this book doesn’t end with a happily-ever-after.

Then I guess you’ll just have to speak to him again.

Then he better chase me down!

I’ll see what I can arrange.


Character Interview with Andrew, the Morning of his Deed

First, I’d like to say I hope all the moms out there had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. Second, thank you to all of those who sent me e-mails over the weekend. That was very nice of you. In case you hadn’t heard, which I’m not sure how so many knew in the first place, I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It goes without saying, it was not a fun weekend for me. But I’m doing better this morning and as promised, I’ll get back to my character interviews this week. I believe I only have four left. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Good morning, Andrew, you feeling all right?

*glares at me* Could you have possibly found another way for the two of us to meet?

Is something wrong with your current situation?

Yes! In the next twelve hours she’ll be gone.

Ah, so tonight is the night?

Yes. Sadly.

And are you having second thoughts?

No. I cannot have second thoughts. If I don’t go through with this, who knows what that degenerate will think to do to Brooke or her sisters. It’s just easier this way.


Yes. Easier.

For her or for you?

For her, of course.

And what of you?

That doesn’t matter. This is about her. I want her hurt the least possible. And if that means I go through with this stupidity, then so be it.

You think if you don’t follow through tonight she’ll be hurt more?

*snorts* Think? No, I know she will be. Gateway won’t stop whatever it is he’s up to until he gets what he wants.

So could it be said you’re being a gentleman be ruining her?

No. I’m being a cad. But still better to be a cad and be forever cast in that mold than not go through with it and see something worse happen to her.

What is your plan for the night?

Take her out to Alex’s telescope for a bit of star-gazing and seduction.


Not a full seduction, of course. I could never do that to her. She might be ruined in name, but not in truth.

Ah, so you do still have a gentlemanly bone in your body.

Yes, albeit a small one.

Good to know. What if her parents demand marriage tonight?

I expect they will. I’ll just have to tell them no.

And Alex?

Oh, I’m not worried about  him. He’ll probably be in his conservatory looking at his plants or reading in the library. He won’t have a clue what’s going on tonight.

Hmm. Interesting. Well, I do wish you luck with however this turns out.

Thank you. I’ll certainly need it.

Yes, you will.


Intereview with John and Carolina Banks, Secondary Characters from Intentions of the Earl

Good morning, today I’ve dragged in John and Carolina Banks to talk a little about the man who’s courting their daughter Brooke. John, Carolina, how do you feel about the earl?

CB: Oh, he’s absolutely wonderful.


JB: I wouldn’t say he’s wonderful, but I like him well enough.

So if he were to ask for Brooke’s hand in marriage, you’d accept?

CB: Of course!

JB: I’d consider it.

Consider it?

JB: Yes, consider it. I barely know the young man. My daughter may have an interest in him, but that does not mean he’s the man for her. I’d have to get to know him a bit better.

And what do you need to know?

JB: Just about everything. All I know about him I’ve learned from my brother Edward. That’s not exactly enough to recommend a man as marriage material for my daughter.

You mean Edward didn’t shower you with glowing remarks about Andrew’s reputation?

JB: No. He did not. Most of what he said was indifferent, which is very unusual for Edward. Normally the man is as blunt as can be.

CB: That doesn’t matter. We’ll get to know him. Besides, many couples get married to people who they don’t know everything about. If they waited until they knew everything, they’d never get married.

Very true. All right, just based on what you know, would you allow him to marry your daughter, should he ask?

JB: *grumbles* I suppose so, yes.

Just what do you think you need to know about him anyway? Do you not trust him?

JB: That’s what I’m not sure of. See, he’s conducted his courtship in the most unusual way.

CB: Oh John, let it go. He’s still skeptical of the man because he didn’t ask his permission first.

JB: Well, he should have done. That’s the way of it. You ask the lady’s father if you may court her.

CB: Uh huh, just like you asked my father?

JB: Carolina, that is entirely different and not up for discussion right now.


JB: Forget about that. The facts remain we hardly know the man. We have no idea if his intentions toward Brooke are honorable or not.

His intentions?

JB: Yes, the book is titled, Intentions of the Earl, is it not?

Yes, it is. But do you have reason to believe his intentions are less than honorable?

CB: I’ll answer this. One of our daughters may have once had a suitor who had less than honorable intentions.

JB: *snorts* Actually it was two.

CB: I don’t believe that. It was just the one. I still have faith in the other. *sighs* That doesn’t matter now. What does matter is John is skeptical of any man who’s shown the slightest interest in one of our daughters since then. Whether he has reason to be or not.

Does that mean you see no reason John ought be skeptical of the earl?

CB: I see no reason he should. The earl seems very honest and sincere to me. He’s practically besotted with Brooke.

JB: Perhaps that’s just what he wants us to think. Honestly, I hope his intentions are honorable. I believe if they were not, my daughter would be devastated. However, if they are, I’ll approve the match after a suitable amount of time.

Hmm, and does the fact that he’s close friends with Alex hold any bearing on your beliefs?

JB: Actually, that is his one saving grace. My nephew is such an honorable man I don’t think he’d have a friend who didn’t have at least one shred of decency.

Well, that’s good to know.

JB: Indeed it is. We’ll just have to see how this all plays out and hope for the best.

CB: Oh, it’ll play out just fine.

I’m glad to see you have such confidence, Carolina. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure.


An Afternoon Chat with the Duke of Gateway, Villain from Intentions of the Earl

Good afternoon, everyone. Today I’m meeting once again with Benjamin Collins, Duke of Gateway. Together we’ll be discussing his irritation about the lack of progress Andrew is making in his pursuit of Brooke Banks. Your Grace?

Well I think you just about summed it up. I want him to act. Now.

He’s going as fast as he can.

It’s not being fast enough. He’s taking too long about it. He needs to step it up?

Step it up?

Yes, step it up. He needs to do the deed and be done with it before…

Before what?

Never mind that. Just make him hurry about his business, would you?

And why should I? I think the two of them are having a fabulous time as it is.

No doubt they are.

Then what’s the problem?

That’s not what he’s supposed to be doing! He’s supposed to be ruining her reputation, not taking care to secure a chaperone to go tour the estate. I’ll grant you, he chose the right person for that job, but he still has yet to produce any results.

Why are you so worried about this? There wasn’t a timeframe set.

No. But he’s dallying.

No, he’s gaining her trust.

No. He’s dallying. Before you know it he’ll decide not to follow through.

And is that such a bad thing?

Yes! He made an agreement, he better follow it through.

And if he doesn’t?

You better hope he does.

Tell me, Your Grace, just what is the benefit of this for you?

That is none of your concern, madam. Now you do your duty and give him a shove in the right direction.

And if I don’t?

Well, as you’ve already admitted, I’m a renegade character. So you better see to it Townson pulls this off or who knows what havoc I might wreak on your upcoming novels.

Oh, you wouldn’t dare.

Wouldn’t I?

No. You really wouldn’t. There’s more here than meets the eye and I’m sure we’ll all discover the truth of it soon enough.

Well, good luck with that, madam.

And there you have it, a nice little chat with a villain. How better to spend the afternoon? Tomorrow I’ll post the first of my book reviews, let’s all hope for the best on that score.



I know the past few weeks I’ve been doing character interviews. First with Liberty for Paul then with To Win His Wayward Wife, and  now I’ve gone back to the first book and started doing them with those characters. However, it’s really not as easy to go back to the first book and do them because everyone already knows how it all works out in the end! So instead of interviewing Liberty today to find out what a hoity-toity nutcase she was in the first book, I’m bring her in to talk about some amazing statistics–some of which were discovered before her book even came out and others more recently.

Good morning, Liberty, thank you for separating yourself from your husband long enough to come join me.

It was no problem. I might love the man, but we do require some time apart every now and again.

I’m not sure I want to know what’s going on. Instead, I thought we could talk about some interesting discoveries that revolve around you. You game?

Absolutely. Well, wait. These are nice discoveries, aren’t they?

*shrugs* I don’t know. Were you always nice in the books?

Oh, dear. I don’t think I like where this is going.

Oh, relax. It’s not so bad. All right, here we go. Did you know, you, Liberty Banks Grimes are the most written about character from my books?


Let me rephrase. Of all the  e-mails…er…correspondence I’ve received from all three books, you are the most talked about character.



Wait. Is that a good thing or not?

I don’t know. Shall I read you some of their statements and you can decide?

Here? In front of everyone?

Yes, here. Don’t worry. I made to sure ask permission of those who wrote me before using this.

Oh, well that makes me feel better.

I thought it might. All right, here we go. This is from one of the first pieces I received, “Love the story. That Liberty girl sure is something else. But in a good way of course…”

What is that supposed to mean?

Beats me. Here, listen to another. “I’m about halfway through Intentions of the Earl that Liberty needs a spanking.”

A spanking? Well, I never! *sniffs*

Uh, you do remember you hurled a book at someone’s head, right?

Yes. Well, I thought…I mean… Oh, all right, keep going.

“Just finished the first book. I do believe Liberty is my favorite character.”

How can that be?

To be honest, I have no idea. You were not exactly likable, dear.

Shows what you know.

Yes, because high-drama individuals are the type everyone loves to read about, right?

Of course. That’s why they buy the book. To read about the drama.

Hmm…well, now it makes sense.


Well, last year, I entered your story and both of yours sisters’ stories into a very prestigious contest.

Uh huh…

Umm…I’ll be honest. I almost didn’t send yours in…

And why not?

I don’t know. I just didn’t think it stood as good a chance as one of the others, specifically Madison’s.

Oh, how thoughtful.

Would you stop it. I’m ready to admit I was wrong.

You were? You are?

Yes and yes. See, I just happened to have an extra sixty-five dollars lying around and decided to enter yours, too.


Don’t get too excited. You didn’t win. Or even final for that matter. However, of all three entries, yours received the highest score!

*shrieks* No way!


Who got the lowest?

That’s immaterial. Just be happy you received the highest score.

Oh, I am. I cannot wait to tell Paul. He’ll be thrilled. You know, if it wasn’t for him, the storyline wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining.

Of that, I have no doubt.

I must be returning. I shall see you in a few weeks.

Very good. And to all those reading this, yes, it is true–as mind-boggling as it is–Liberty seems to be the one character who I get the most e-mails about. Even stranger, most of those e-mails say how much they love her flair or strong personality. Some love to read about her because they think she’s nuts and always wonders what she could possibly think to do next. It’s also true I entered all three books into the Golden Heart last fall, and her book really did score the best. Also, on Monday, her book received a new cover–one that matches the other two books better. Quite an exciting week for her, eh? Tomorrow, I’ll be back with another interview from a character in Intentions of the Earl.


Character Interview, Brooke Banks, Heroine from Intentions of the Earl

Today I’m here with Brooke Banks as she discusses a gentleman she recently met. Good morning, Brooke. What can you tell us about that handsome stranger you met yesterday?

Hmmm, what do you want to know?

Whatever you feel like telling us.

Not much to say. A very handsome earl showed up unannounced yesterday to call on us.

And that doesn’t seem odd to you?

No. *shrugs* I know some people—mainly my sister Liberty—see something wrong with that, but as a regular rule-breaker myself, I see nothing wrong with it. There’s no reason that a man should have to be formally introduced to a lady before he can call on her.

I see. And I take it you liked this man well enough?

Of course. There wasn’t anything not to like about him.



Well, he didn’t seem to like your fabulously decorated drawing room very much. Did that not bother you?

Pfft. My “fabulously decorated drawing room”, goodness. *looks around the room* Actually, I see some rather unappealing similarities. Say, did you base that horrific drawing room on your house?

No. Well, sort of. See, I had this grandmother who decorated her house in some of the most clashing colors. Her house was decorated like that on purpose—I based Watson Townhouse on her house. I, on the other hand, have clashing colors—green walls, gold couch, cream curtains, blue recliner, white and wood glider and a hardwood floor—all thrown together in one room because all that furniture I’ve acquired for that room was given to my husband and me within the first few years of our marriage. Therefore it was that word every young newly married couple loves: free. I just haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet.

Well, see that you do! It looks awful in here. I’ve never seen so many contrasting colors in such a small area except on one of Madison’s painting palettes.

Enough on my horribly decorated room, let’s talk about you and this stranger. What did you say his name was anyway?

Oh for goodness’ sake, you know what his name is.

I do. But I just wanted to make sure you did.

And why wouldn’t I know his name?

Because from what I understand you seemed awfully smitten with him.

I was not smitten.

Uh huh. That’s what I gleaned when I heard about the painting.

Oh stop. That was all in good fun, not because I have any feelings for him.

Sure. See, I think you gave him that so you’d have an excuse to see him again if he didn’t call on you himself.

And why would you think that?

Because that painting doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to your uncle. Therefore, at some point you’ll have to see him again to ask for the painting back. Correct?

I could care less about getting that eyesore back.

Really? So then what will you use as an excuse if he doesn’t come back around on his own?

I don’t have to think of one. He’s coming by later for a ride in the park.

He is?

He is.

And your mother is going to let you go off with a stranger?

He is a gentleman, you know?

I know. But even gentlemen can do ungentlemanly things.

Not this one.

Oh. What makes you so sure?

I can just tell. I guess you could say it’s in his eyes.

Hmm. Well, I won’t try to dissuade you from your belief. I do hope you enjoy your ride in the park with him today and neither of you let things get too scandalous.

Scandalous? What scandalous could possibly happen during a ride in the park?

I don’t know. Perhaps nothing.

Exactly. You know, you’re worse than Liberty worrying about inappropriate behavior. Someone really needs to talk some sense into that girl.

*rolls eyes* I’m sure someone could say the same about you needing some sense talked into you.

Never. I am very sensible.

Yes, going on rides in the park with a complete stranger sounds very sensible.

He won’t be a stranger forever. Besides, how is he supposed to move from acquaintance to someone I can trust if I don’t spend time with him?

Good point.

I thought so, too.

All right, you go enjoy your ride in the park and I’ll be here preparing for my chat with Liberty tomorrow.

I’m sorry.

*grins* Don’t be sorry. She and I won’t be having a conversation like you and I are having. I have something else to talk to her about tomorrow.

Do tell.

Not a chance.