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Video Blog 2–Feeling Old

I’ve uploaded another vlog–Video Blog–on things that make me feel old. YeeHaw!


And yes, I just LOVE the thumbnail photo. NOT!!!!


1 thought on “Video Blog 2–Feeling Old”

  1. LOL! You do make me laugh. Now . . . I need to go to the rest room. 😀

    BTW – which G rated movie did you see on Tuesday? Do they really still make those? Was it worth the $5.00? Me? I just wait until it comes out on video, buy it, then I can watch it when ever, how ever many times I want – without commercials. (There is a pause button for when a break is needed.) OR there is Netflix. Did I mention, I am one of those seniors on a fixed income. I actually remember paying only fifty cents to watch a movie. Wow! I am old! Darn!

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