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Autumn Harvest Author Hop!


This week I am participating in the Autumn Harvest Author Hop with the severn other authors in my recent collection Hearts Ablaze.



Here are the links to everyone else’s page:

1) Elizabeth Rose

2) Amanda McIntyre

3) Rose Gordon

4) Ciara Knight

5) Kathleen Ball

6) Kirsten Lynn

7) Hildie McQueen

8) E.E. Burke

Visit all 8 and collect each clue (hero’s name) for the grand prize…but also, COMMENT HERE for a chance to win a copy of the collection or an audiobook!


Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow my blog or my Facebook Page–between now and Christmas I have lots of fun things popping up!

Hearts Ablaze



Eight bestselling authors. Eight sizzling tales of the Old West to set your heart ablaze…
From the wild Pacific forests to the lonesome plains, on wagon trains and at frontier outposts, fall in love with lumberjacks and soldiers, trailblazers and trick riders, courageous warriors and rugged cowboys…

In Whispered Love, bestselling author Kathleen Ball takes you to the wild Pacific Northwest, a land bristling with handsome, well-muscled lumberjacks. Foreman Samuel Pearse has only one rule; no women allowed. Until he finds one asleep in his bathtub—Pat Clarke, the company cook. With her secret revealed and her virtue at stake, Pat turns to the only man who can help her…the one man who sets fire to her heart.

In Kate’s Outlaw, award-winning author E.E. Burke spins a suspenseful yarn about a half-breed desperado who abducts—and then rescues—a railroad heiress. On the run from danger, with enemies on both sides, Jake and Kate seek solace in each other’s arms…and ignite a love as powerful as it is forbidden.

The Officer and the Bostoner, from USA Today bestselling author Rose Gordon, follows the adventures of a well-to-do lady traveling cross-country to meet her intended. Instead, she finds herself stranded at a military fort and forced into an unwanted marriage. Can a hot-blooded officer spark love in his wife’s cold heart?

Fools Rush from USA Today bestselling author Ciara Knight. A young woman, desperate for independence from all men, embarks on a crazy cross-country wagon train adventure disguised as a man. Instead of finding her independence, a bounty hunter captures her under the guise of horse thieving, a crime punishable by hanging. Will a man she’s lied to for months save her, or will he surrender her to a monster with a badge?

Ridin’ For a Fall by Kirsten Lynn immerses you in a fiery tale of forever love. When circumstances force best friends and Wild West Show performers, Lena Boden and Kyle Allaway to marry and return to Wyoming, they must stand together against internal doubts and external forces seeking their destruction—or risk a fall that will knock them out of the saddle for good.

A Warrior’s Heart, by bestselling author Amanda McIntyre, brings to life the passionate story of a bold Cherokee warrior and the brave white woman he rescues from certain death. Thrown together by circumstances not of their own making, they overcome betrayal and tragedy to find a love strong enough to bring nations together.

The Rancher, by bestselling author Hildie McQueen, transports readers to 1870s Montana Territory and into a sensual encounter between an injured rancher and a woman running for her life. Sometimes love enters at the worst moment…

In The Drifter, bestselling author Elizabeth Rose takes readers on an epic journey across the plains, as drifter Chase Masters shows up wounded at Nessa Pemberton’s stagecoach relay station mistaken as the bandit who killed her husband. Can a single mother learn to love again and put her trust in a man who is nothing but a drifter?

Ignite a new love for the Old West. Order your copy today for only 99 cents.
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44 thoughts on “Autumn Harvest Author Hop!”

  1. This is my very 1st Scavenger Hunt Book Hop & OMG This is soooo much fun!!! Its such an awesonely enticing way to find new authors!! Im totally loving this & seriously haveca hand cramp from writing down all the new books Ive added to my MUST BE READ ASAP List… AKA My Book Bible😜 Anyway Thank you for the opportunity’s & for the adventurous fun Im having scoping all you guys out! Super Cool!! 🍀Good Luck🍀 to Everyone &….(*Quiet Voice* Psssst👯Lady Luck🍀.. This girl REALLY needs to win an Amazon gift card to FINALLY get past Amazons Minimum Purchase block to leave Reviews😖 This book Dragon devours books like oxygen & seriously wants to finally be able to tell all the Awesome Authors that have provided insanely amazing building materials for the
    Enormous Universe Ive constructed in my Imagination, Just How Incredible their books are!…And also to thank them for giving me a such amazing adventures! You know give credit where its due & what not!😉 SOOO. 👯Lady Luck�🍀if you happen to be listening & feel like cracking a grin on this Book Addict I TOTALLY Wouldn’t mind at all!! 😜😂 Hehehe🍀🍀🍀😴)

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