Character Interview with Derek Westward, hero in Her Devilish Marquess

Good morning! Today, I have the honor of interviewing a very special guest, Derek Westward, the Marquess of Dodsworth who is the hero in Ruth Ann Nordin’s book Her Devilish Marquess!

So without any further ado!
Good morning, my lord. thank you for joining us today. I hear you’re not shy…and well, neither am I, so tell us, what do you wear to work every day? Hmm…. I sense something peculiar in this question. Are you coming onto me? Next thing I know, you’ll be asking me what I look like naked. Shame on you, Rose Gordon! I will not be seduced by your seductive question.
Hey now! Shame on YOU, it’s not as if I asked what you wear to bed. *cocks head to the side* Now that it’s been mentioned… *holds hand up* Never mind that. It’s probably best we don’t know what you wear to bed. But if you’d like to tell our readers what you wear swimming, I’m sure they’d be delighted. Another clothing question carefully disguised to find out what I look like without a shirt on? Very clever, Rose. All right, I’ll satisfy your raging hormones with a teaser. I have a wonderfully muscular chest for a titled gentleman from the Regency era. I acquired this well-toned physique by chopping wood and bringing it to the doorsteps of the lower-middle class. This isn’t an idle boast. I’ll have you know one of my scandalous acts took place a year ago when I threw off my shirt in the middle of a ball and decried the hypocrisy of the Ton. Several ladies have privately confided in Ruth that they often think of me when they’re with their husbands. Maybe you can do the same when you’re with your husband tonight, Rose. I know it’s not the same as being with me, but I’m afraid I can’t leave Danette to be with you. Your imagination will have to suffice.
Good heaven’s you sure are shameless to accuse me of such! *wags fingers* What is your best quality? Another sly one, Rose. I can detect your interest in me. I suppose if I told you my sense of humor is my best quality, that might attract you?
*Shakes head* All right, you caught me! Perhaps I’ll abandon my hope if you tell me what about your largest flaw?  Flaw? I don’t know what this word means. Please explain.
I would, but you wouldn’t believe it… Describe your perfect date. Rose, you have to stop flirting with me. Seriously, this won’t get you anywhere.
Her Devilish Marquess*purses lips* Sir, despite your delusions, I have no desire to pursue any sort of relationship with you. Again, see the flaw question! Let’s focus on the interview, shall we? If you could relive one part of your story over and over and over again, which would it be? Why? The wedding night. Or any other night when I’m intimately engaged with the lovely Marchioness of Dodsworth. Being in my bed is my favorite pastime.
Good grief. I don’t even want to go there. Least favorite part? The end. I know I’ll show up in other books, but it’s not the same as being the hero.
I can see that. If someone said something unkind about your heroine, Miss Danette Everson, what would you do to him/her? I know a lot of people’s secrets. It came from the years of being a doctor. I’d remind them of some scandalous secret they have and warn them if they don’t keep quiet, something unpleasant might show up in the Tittletattle.
What is your favorite thing about Danette? That she accepts me as I am, and considering my tendency to speak my mind when I should keep my mouth shut, that’s a very important trait in a lady.
Describe Danette without the words: beautiful or sweet? I believe Ruth made her raven-haired, but I keep seeing her as a redhead because she’s got a lot of passion. Ruth also seems to think she’s boring since she reads books and watches people at balls, but that little spitfire has a delightful sense of humor. Hmm… Is spitfire a term they would have used in the Regency time period? Oh well. It doesn’t matter. I can’t do worse than the author when it comes to botching up historical authenticity.
If you had to choose between facing Danette after you’ve been ungentlemanly or a starved lion on the prowl, which would you choose? Easy. The lion. No gentleman wants to upset his wife. There’s little chance he could get into her bed.
All right, all right, enough of that. Let’s talk about the good stuff: your authoress! Oa scale of 1-10 how would you rate the author’s accuracy in describing you? You’ve heard of Ruth Ann Nordin, right? Just look at her reviews. You’ll see her historical accuracy is a 1. Though on some days I think maybe she should get a 2 simply because no one in her Regencies are riding around in cars. So maybe a 2.
Pardon my saying so, my lord, however, Ms. Nordin is a very dear friend of mine and that was most unkind! I’d demand you apologize at once, but since I know you won’t, I’ll take up for her and say that I’ve received several “1s” but only because a zero wasn’t an option! *grins* All right, as nicely as you can, tell us if you could switch places with the author for a day and send her into your book and write about her doing anything time period and/or location specific, what would you have her do? I would plop her a Jane Austen novel so she’d finally get the language and customs of the time period right. I mean, would it kill her to do a little research?
I’d ask who you think is smarter, you or her, but— Me. I can see this interview is a mere formality. You’re trying to decide whether or not you want to snag me and keep me for yourself. Asking questions like what I wear and my wonderful qualities are.
Yep, you got me, and to cinch the deal, tell me, what’s Mrs. Nordin’s biggest secret? (Does she wear her pajamas to write? Does she tap her fingers on the edge of the table when thinking? Does she dress up in a pink tutu and twirl around the living room every time she finishes a book or a really good scene? Come on, spill it!) Oh goodness! If she wore a pink tutu and twirled around, we’d all go blind. Trust me, you don’t want to see Ruth unless she’s fully dressed. Let’s see… What would Ruth’s biggest secret be? Okay, I think I got it. When she writes books, she listens to songs to help inspire her, and when she’s listening to these songs, she pretends she’s singing them. She even comes up with these elaborate videos for them in her mind. If she were to try those dance moves in real life, she’d fall flat on her butt, or on her face, because she has absolutely no coordination at all. And as for singing? I’ve heard her sing, and all I can say is bring in the earplugs. There’s a reason her family turns up the radio or TV when she sings.
Sir, I think we’re done here! Ruth, come chat with me a bit. *pats a spot on my green and gold settee* Was Derek as charmingly difficult while writing the book as he was for the interview? He was charming until I read what he thinks of me. Now I’m thinking I might have to punish him in a future book for shedding me in such an unfair light. I’ve come a long way in getting better with my historical stuff together. Granted, I’m not perfect,
You go, girl! If you need some help, let me know. Is this book a standalone or part of a series? This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Arrangement Series. (And if Derek doesn’t want me to give him grief in Book 3, he better be nicer to me.)
I anxiously await to see what you have in store for him! 😀 Why don’t you tell us a little about you: Okay, it’s true that I like to pretend I’m the one singing songs I listen to, and I have awesome videos to go along with them in my head. But—and this is important—I would never make a You Tube video and show the world just how awful my singing and dancing are. I stick with writing, and I think I deserve some kudos for that. I wish my characters would learn to appreciate me a little more instead of complaining all the time.

If you’d like to know more about Ruth, go visit her online—her blog is fantastic!
Blog: https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruth.a.nordin
And of course, if you’d like to read more about Derek and his antics, his book, Her Devilish Marquess can be found here: (And yes, despite his thinking I’m coming onto him, I’ve reserved my copy!)

Amazon or if you’d prefer a different format, Ruth has them all linked her Book Launch Page: https://booklaunch.io/ruthannnordin/herdevilishmarquess


(All answers to interview questions were provided by the very talented Ruth Ann Noridn. She is a great lady and an awesome storyteller!)

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  1. These character interviews are so much fun! I thank you Rose for conducting it and Ruth for helping. As for The Marquess . . . I just might have to go read his book. 😀 Thank you.

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