Reader Questions

Ask Away Thursday???

It’s time for some Reader Questions!

  1. What is the reading order for your books?
    This is somewhat complicated. There is chronological order for all of my Banks Family books, then there is published order. The only difference is if you reader two books (His Contract Bride and His Yankee Bride) first, or in the final series of the Bank Family Saga.

    Here is Chronological Order:
    His Contract Bride–1782*
    His Yankee Bride–1788*
    Intentions of the Earl–1812*
    Liberty for Paul–1813*
    To Win His Wayward Wife–1813*
    Her Sudden Groom–1814*
    Her Reluctant Groom–1815
    Her Secondhand Groom–1815
    Her Imperfect Groom–1818*
    His Jilted Bride–1819*
    His Brother’s Bride–1819*

    Published order

    Scandalous Sisters Series:
    Intentions of the Earl
    Liberty for Paul
    To Win His Wayward Wife

    Groom Series:
    Her Sudden Groom
    Her Reluctant Groom
    Her Secondhand Groom
    Her Imperfect Groom

    Banks Brother’s Brides Series:
    His Contract Bride
    His Yankee Bride
    His Jilted Bride
    His Brother’s Bride

    Due to an increased interest in John and Carolina (the sisters’ parents in the first three books) and Edward (Alex’s off-color father in Her Sudden Groom), I decided to go back in time and write their stories as prequel and publish them in the Banks Brothers’ Brides series.

    The other books I’ve written include

    Fort Gibson Officer’s Series:
    The Officer and the Bostoner
    The Officer and the Southerner
    The Officer and the Traveler

    Gentlemen of Honor Series:
    Secrets of a Viscount
    Desires of a Baron
    Passions of a Gentleman (COMING SOON!!)

    These six can be read before during or after the Banks Family books as they are either not at all related or only related by maybe a mere mention of any of the other characters.

    Then there’s the new family I’ve begun–the Cavanaugh’s–again, these are not related to any other series so start with these or end with them, it doesn’t matter.
    The Perfect Lady Worthe
    Mistletoe & Michaelmas (Currently included in an anthology titled The Duke’s Christmas Greeting but will be averrable as a single title later this year)
    The Wooing Game–Coming MAY 2016 as part of another anthology–Evading the Duke

    Lastly is another single title: Jessie: Bride of South Carolina and can be read as a standalone and has no ties to any other books (currently)

    (Clear as mud?)

  2. Which of your books is your favorite?
    I’m going to give a cop-out answer: The one I’m currently working on. Books become like children and it’s hard to pick a favorite! I like them all for different reasons. I did have more fun writing certain ones so in that respect, To Win His Wayward Wife is a definite favorite! So is, His Yankee Bride. Truly, it’s hard to pick among 20 or so books.
  3. In a one barber town, who cuts the barber’s hair?
    The barber cuts his own! Just shaves his head all nice and smooth. 😀

These questions were asked on Facebook and there were others and I’d be happy to answer YOURS if you’ll post it in the comments section or on Facebook or email me. Have a great Thursday!

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