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Reader Questions Answered

I’ve received a few questions about my last couple of blog posts, so in case you’re wondering the same, here ya go:

Q: (From my mom, no less) “What’s the rest of your crap story?” (In case you missed my post yesterday, follow this link.)

A: Uh, I had to plunge for about thirty minutes to finally get it to go down.

Q: Her initial questions as followed up with: “But did any of it get on the floor?”

A: No! And I cannot be grateful enough about that.

Q: What did you do with the nightgown?

A: Burned it. Okay, not really, but I didn’t keep it. I changed and tossed it in the trash. I know it sounds wasteful, but frankly, I don’t think I’d be able to have the same peace and enjoyment wearing it in the future.

Q: What happened to your son’s wrestling lessons?

A: Well, my friend didn’t get back to me about teaching him how to wrestle, so it’s become a family project with his dad doing conditioning exercises with him and us alternating who has to play his opponent in running drills. He’s improved greatly and now our biggest issue is doing damage control with some of the other parents after he’s made some of the other little trash-talking boys cry. Oops! So, yeah, he’s gotten better. Much better and winning fairly. It all worked out.

Q: How did the Adult Coloring Book work out?

A: Sadly, this will take an entire post to answer properly: in short, it’s not for me.

Q: Where do you find such uncouth commercials?!

A: I found the Quilted Northern commercials by watching the Hallmark Channel of all things and went on YouTube to watch more. I found the Ragu commercials on YouTube a few years go looking up something, there was a headline for “banned commercials”–of course I had to click it and laughed through the entire commercial (it was the one on the boy walking in on his parents).

As a bonus, THIS is my favorite Super Bowl commercial this year:


But I also enjoyed this one:


Q: This was another one from my mom that was in response to my posting up her texts and using them as fodder for my post last Monday:

  A: You’d owe PayPal money if I tried to send you the two pennies!

In all honesty, there are no royalties earned on blog posts. I have on occasion used Amazon affiliate links when I post links to my Amazon books. Using such links in no way effects your price, it’s just a few extra cents that Amazon pays me for directing people to their site.

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