Didja Know?

Didja Know? #7 Don’t put that…

Q-tips or cotton swabs seem to be the only product I know of that everyone I know (including me) purchases to use in the exact opposite way it was intended. 

In case you’ve never looked too carefully at the box (or cylinder if you use the colored swabs) there is an explicit warning not to put this in your ear…and yet we all do it! 

We shouldn’t, but we do. 

My husband teases me that I enjoy cleaning my ears, but after some research I now know why: there are sensitive nerves in your ear canal that for whatever reason feel good when they’re touched. 

After having so many ear infections in the last year am I likely to stop using q-tips altogether? No. But I have drastically slowed down. Hey, it’s better than a Bobby pin, right?!

6 thoughts on “Didja Know? #7 Don’t put that…”

  1. Oh, I use them too. And I read the warning signs all the time and yet I still use them. I just want to get water out of my ears after I shower. Is that so bad?

    1. LOL not at all. I thought the kids who told me that were either pulling one over on me…or their brains were baked from the Oklahoma heat.

      Turns out they were right! Guess when it’s something unusual to brag about.

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