Didja Know? #6 How about some irony?!

I know it’s the weekend which means some of you will be doing some ironing, but take a break for a few minutes to read about some irony:

  1. There is only one city in all of the United States simply named: Beach. Oh, and wouldn’t you know it’s in North Dakota a landlocked state that probably couldn’t be any further from the ocean!
  2. Michigan has a town named Hell. Hell, Michigan made national news in the winter of 1995-1996 when it froze…
  3. Thailand means “land of the free”.
  4. It only snows approximately 2″ per year on Antartica.
  5. The first hurricane given a male name was in 1979–it’s name: Bob. (Sounds like my husband)
  6. Rhode Island is considered the Vampire Capitol of the United States
  7. Oregon has the shortest river in the United States (world?)–D River a total of 121 feet!
  8. Yakutsk, Russia has the worst weather on the planet. On average the temperature falls to -84F and in the summer can get up 102F.
  9. The only active diamond mine is in…Arkansas.
  10. State with the most shoreline…OKLAHOMA! (As a bonus, they also have the most tornadoes per square mile.)

4 thoughts on “Didja Know? #6 How about some irony?!”

  1. I stayed the night in Beach, ND. It’s a small town. So small, in fact, one of the workers of the movie theater wasn’t sure when the movie would start that evening. I think she had to talk to her friend who had the key. 🙂

    One thing I don’t miss about Nebraska are the tornados. I hope none every land on your property. Those things terrify me more than any other natural disaster.

    1. That is so funny about the theater! My kind of place.

      Eh tornados don’t scare me so much. Not that I want one to come by any means but I have such an overwhelming fear of water that I’d be more afraid of a hurricane. Even if you leave your house all houses are effected by the water and I would be on pins and needles about going back to see what had happened to my home. (Floods too–which often accompany tornados…so I’m out of luck either way!)

  2. Some interesting trivia here. I have actually been to Hell. Of course I live only about 50 miles away from it being born and raised in Michigan. That being said, I also know that when it gets too cold, it doesn’t snow much so the Antarctica factoid makes sense to me. However, being from Michigan I doubted Oklahoma having the most shoreline. I had to look it up – Oklahoma being land locked and all. So, this factoid was including man-made lakes and ponds? Interesting. I was also surprised to find that Michigan barely made any of the top ten lists since it is surrounded by the Great Lakes and all. Soooo . . . I learned something today. 😀 Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome and I totally laughed about you having to look that up about Oklahoma. When I first moved to Oklahoma 15 years ago someone told me that about the shoreline and like you, I had to look it up! We have TONS of lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers.

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