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Oh Yeah!

Some of you might remember a post I did not long ago about my son’s…er…journey with wrestling titled Don’t Poke the Bear, the Mama Bear, that is(If you haven’t read it, click the link, then come back.)

So…all of that went down before Christmas break and now we’ve been back in school about three weeks. Over the break, and even before it, as well as since then Bob worked with Henry doing exercises, mainly pushups, and drills and my mom bought him a DVD where they showed drills for us to do at home. Unfortunately, my friend never got back to me, but Bob and I stayed with it and made him do his exercises and practice drills nearly every night since that little brat Reynolds informed him he wouldn’t be wrestling with my son anymore because Henry wasn’t “good enough” for him to practice with.

It’s been around three weeks back to three-day a week practices and Bob and I alternating being the poor sap in the drill who gets roughed up and so far no real change.

Then, it happened…Bob dropped him off at wrestling and then went back to get him. When he walked in there was Henry beating the stuffing out of this kid! (Fairly, I might add.) Over and over and over and over Henry kept pinning him and a few of the others who hadn’t considered him a viable opponent!

Proud Mama, today!

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