Didja Know?

Didja Know? #1

Selfies have been around a lot longer than the past 10 years or so?

For that matter so have those little photo booths people go in (by themselves or with a companion) to have their picture taken.

ID 45906404 © Chris Brignell | Dreamstime.com Used with permission.

In 1888 two men: Edward Poole and William Pope (residents of Baltimore) filed a patent for such a machine. Of course similar machines were built and patented in the following years and by the turn-of-the-century these little booths were commonly found at fairs and amusements parks.

Contrary to today’s paper print-out within just seconds, some of the machines took approximately three minutes to process and spit out a ferrotype!

How cool is that?

It makes you wonder if they made goofy faces at the camera in those booths like people do today!

2 thoughts on “Didja Know? #1”

    1. I’ve always seen those stern looks, too. I always thought it was because it took so long to take the darn picture there was no reason to hold a smile so long (could you imagine how much your face would hurt?!) OR because it was just the trend and how everyone did it.

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