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Rose’s Romance Ramblings is Now Rose Unscripteed

For 2016 (and beyond I hope unless I’m thrown off of this thing), I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog just a little bit. Instead of focusing on romance novels (mostly mine *grins*) I think being more candid about my life and things as I see them is the direction. Oh, wait, I already do that…plus, I never really rambled on about romance anyway–it was just a somewhat catchy title with all the words starting with the letter R.

So, if you get an email from ROSE UNSCRIPTED in place of where Rose’s Romance Ramblings used to be…it’s just me stalking you legally. No worries it’s still the same crazy content with a new name.

In short: new name, same crazy. Open if you dare!

Oh, and be on the look out soon for a new “look” to the layout.


4 thoughts on “Rose’s Romance Ramblings is Now Rose Unscripteed”

  1. Rose, how funny. As I was reading the catagories section I skipped a bunch pf words and read, “a victim of my own craziness” which fits me to a T! I’m thinking this could be very interesting.

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