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Because it’s Monday…

Because it’s Monday and we all need a little pick-me-up (and because I love you all so much I had to share this, of course), I’m posting this.

Like most kids, my boys like to check the mail. Usually, they’ll bring it in and sort it into two piles: Mom and Dad. To them, there’s no junk.

So, they’re sorting through their stack and my husband walks up just as they find the following:

On the back is a coupon.

Before he could say anything to them about what to do with this piece of mail, Henry in all of his eight-year-old innocence says, “Look! These help you with sports!”

There’s just nothing to say to that. However, in case you, too, want to improve your athletic ability, you can order your box here and have it delivered to your home in a discreet package.

Now, I’m going to try to get about my day without laughing every time I look at the counter and see that stupid flyer.

4 thoughts on “Because it’s Monday…”

  1. When my husband, an only child of parents born in the ’20s (the parents, not my husband), was a teenager, one of his chores was to take “junk mail” and decide what to do with them. One day, he came to my house excited about a sample he had received in the mail, addressed to “Resident”. He said it was an neato gizmo that picked up dust better than a dust rag, and you didn’t have to hold it, it stuck to your hand!

    He thought the new and improved sanitary pads with adhesive were for cleaning, and he “sanitized” his house 🙂

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