Being Uncouth… (My usual behavior.)

Some of you who have been following my blog from the beginning (almost 5 years now!!!) know that there was many, many years I didn’t watch TV. We didn’t even have one in the house. About three years ago or so we finally got one and hooked up satellite. After two years, we cancelled satellite and only watched movies. Well, this past fall after a year of no television we had a little change to our family dynamic and decided to get satellite again.

I say all of that nonsense to say this: I have recently discovered the Quilted Northern (toilet paper) commercials and I absolutely LOVE them. I know, I know they’re kind of dark, but I find them insanely funny.

If you haven’t seen them, I’m posting YouTube Links. Yes, I’ve seriously lost my mind.


I can’t decide which is my favorite…Daddy Gator…or the bird with an outlet.

24 thoughts on “Being Uncouth… (My usual behavior.)”

  1. Those are hilarious! I don’t ever watch regular TV so never see any commercials. Thanks for sharing those with me. You know I how I love unique bathroom experiences πŸ™‚

  2. OMG! Lol! I have never seen any of those commercials. Although I have TV I rarely watch. My vote is on the birds.

    1. I’m sorry, LeeAnn, I can hardly write a reply I am laughing so hard at some of these responses. I’m just so glad I could share my love for these commercials with you and everyone else!

  3. I made the mistake of watching the birds while eating vegetable soup at dinner…. My daughter asked, mom, why are you crying? I couldn’t speak. I was laughing soo hard….and trying not to choke at the same time….

  4. LOL Conductor Randy. But Constable Bob! So wrong. =D
    You should YouTube Extra Gum: story of Sarah and Juan. Super love it! And still can’t believe it’s an ad for gum!
    But, have you thought about getting Netflix or Hulu?

  5. The toilet paper commercials are funny but has anyone seen the State Farm commercial? I talking about one where the this guy starts saying “he is never getting married” then you see him buying a ring and that just starts a whole round of “we are never going to….”and of course they have kids, drive a mini van, move to the suburbs…but I guess I must have a dark side because he is sitting holding his wife and children then makes the statement”I am never letting go”. but this whole commercial he keeps doing exactly what he says he is not going to do. What a crazy insurance commercial. Oh course, my husband thought it was very nice then I pointed out my take on it….I wish you could have seen that the look on is face but he did admit that I was right! He is a smart man since we have been married 36 years LOL

  6. Seen some of these while staying with my sister. They are cute. But . . . not enough for me to pay for the medium. Guess I am too cheap. *sigh* But I do love my Netflix!

    1. I usually record a program and watch it later so I can fast forward the commercials. Tried Netflix but in my area the Internet signal isn’t strong enough to stream an entire show/movie. It has to rebuffer every 15-20 minutes and ruins the effect.

    1. I only watch Hallmark (now there’s a confessional!) but I think I saw one of them when my boys convinced me to switch it to ABC Family to watch the Toy Story marathon.

  7. #2 is mine. I love the line that Grandpa wanted to see his grandchildren, but not like this…not like this… That was way too funny.

    I haven’t seen these either. They don’t seem to show them on Nickelodeon or its companion channels. Otherwise, we stick with instant video.

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