My Great Debate… Please chime in!

Good Morning!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or Hanukah or whatever holiday (or holidays) you might have celebrated this month! Mine was…well, interesting. I live smack-dab in the middle of the United States where Christmas Day was a a warm 70 degrees, then Saturday was rainy with a chance of tornadoes. Sunday was rainy and freezing cold, and yesterday (Monday) we had snow! Thankfully we’re all safe and everything save a few sections of my fence is still standing!

As for my debate–or inner struggle, rather.

Long ago I used my blog here to post about EVERYTHING. Books, characters, news, my writing/editing process, the inside scoop on publishing,  but mainly my personal life including my kids and husband, etc. I even posted about my experiences at the mall! I really enjoyed that, but I always felt like posting every day was annoying or “pushy” even if it wasn’t about my books everyday so for the past year to year and a half, I’ve leaned more heavily on social media platforms, mainly Facebook where I felt like I could post a story or a question and just be a PERSON and not an author screaming for you all to BUY MY BOOKS!!!!

However, I’m currently struggling with how much I trust Facebook. In the past two weeks I’ve had two experiences that make me very, very uncomfortable about using Facebook. The first started when one night I texted another mother in my son’s class from my phone. Didn’t go through Facebook or any other social media. Just plain out text. The very next day, this woman was listed first as “someone you might know” in that little section where they send you friend suggestions. This creeped me out a little because well we have NO mutual friends. I’d only ever texted this woman one time and had never even looked up her page. Very odd.

Very next day, I was visiting with a friend of mine whose son is thinking to go to a local private trade school. I just so happened to know a girl whose dad went to the same school and her husband went to a competing school. I texted her just to get an opinion. Never looked it up online. Never did anything other than text. Every day since then, I’ve had an ad for this particular school showing up in my newsfeed wanting me to click to find out more information. This is very unnerving to me and is the reason I haven’t posted anything other than sharing information about the American Mail Order Bride series I’m a part of.

So…now that I’ve given you all more information than any of you probably wanted to read, I’d like to get some honest opinions: does it bother you to get daily updates in your inbox with links here where I chat about things completely unrelated to my books? Does it make you feel pressured to buy them? Any thoughts???

38 thoughts on “My Great Debate… Please chime in!”

  1. I love your blog posts! A lot of time, your FB posts don’t show up in my news feed, so I frequently don’t know what’s new with you. I get your blog posts via email, so if it shows up daily, weekly, or whenever I’m happy. I read each one.

    1. Yeah, I know a lot of my posts don’t show up to about 90% of those who like/follow the page, it’s a crapshoot. That’s why I tried posting several short posts each day in hopes of catching a different 10% each time. Probably didn’t work.

      1. Here’s how to make sure you get all of Rose’s posts from her page. Hover over the like button and there’s a place where you can click to get notifications. Then all the posts will show up in your notification list when you click on it at the top of Facebook. I get all of the posts. I just click the notifications button and check if something is there. You can also choose to see posts from a page at the top of your news feed, but I haven’t tried that and don’t know how well that works.

  2. I love getting posts from you, and I like to keep up on your life. It’s much more interesting than mine. 🙂 I just ignore all of those “ads.” I’ve noticed that any time I look something up, it shows up as an “ad” soon after in FB. I just don’t click on anything anymore unless I’m the one looking it up.

  3. That is creepy about them showing up on Facebook. And now that I’ve read your post, it seems I’ve seen a few things like that on mine as well and somewhere in the back of my brain I’d said, “Huh.” And promptly set it aside. Will be looking more closely now. I know, it’s the Internet in general. When we were in Maryland, Safeway kept wanting to make that “My Store.”

    1. After thinking about it since these two big red flags, I’ve thought of other things, too, that caused me to stop and pause, then shrug it off… Very odd. As for your Safeway thing, I wonder if it’s because you’ve enabled your location by way of allowing wifi to detect where you are. Very unnerving, isn’t it?

  4. Whatever works for you is fine with me–email or Facebook, either one. That’s really strange that things related to a text would show up on Facebook and as ads. That is very creepy. We already know the NSA has been collecting data on us and we also know that websites put cookies on our computers. I bet there’s a lot more data collecting and snooping than what we are aware of from the news. We probably only know about the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately.

  5. I LOVE your blog posts. I hate the intrusive ads on FB as well as how much information the company appears to sell. Then again, this is my opinion because I feel they are too big now. I don’t receive much from my “likes” so I no longer trust their own technology… 🙂

    1. That’s because people (businesses) have to PAY now to have their “likers” see their posts–in a way. They’ll show it to so many, and if they respond, they’ll show it to more, but if they don’t all immediately like and comment or share OR there’s a link that takes them off of Facebook, the post doesn’t go very far without the business paying money for it to be seen.

      1. Ah yes the crux of the matter… Facebook started out as a “free” social media forum to meet people only now it’s become a multi billion publicly traded company dependent on private personal data it gathers then sells to marketing conglomerates whether you wish to “share” your information or not… 🙂 Full disclosure, I’m a computer science major by trade & loathe this aspect of my brethren… I refuse to disclose ANYTHING unless it must be per the law… 🙂 No, I’m not a problem child just a person who values the Constitution as I swore an oath to support & defend it with my life and I read it in its entirety as a kid many times… I just love it… I adore Rose’s books too & cannot wait for her creative juices to flow so we readers may enjoy yet another great book… Yes, please do blog more, you are an awesome person & whatever you decide to share is up to you but I enjoy reading it because it comes from your heart…

  6. Here’s how I perceive FB and blogs. FB is like meeting and talking to people in a public place. Like a restaurant where there’s very little privacy. A blog is like inviting people to your house. It’s YOUR space, your rules. I enjoy blogs and have been (not always successfully) trying to blog more. I miss blogging and having people “come to see me”. It’s a shame that FB makes everything so easy that most people are too busy to read blogs anymore. I wish the blog would make a big come back. I think maybe that’s what we’ll see as FB gets more and more intrusive. I’m tired of looking up stuff online and then getting ads on FB from those companies. And that thing about the texting? That really scares me. Do you have your phone number listed on your FB account? If yours is listed and the people who pop up as potential friends is listed on their accounts, that could be where it’s coming from.

  7. Honestly, the only “pressure” I’ve ever felt to buy your books has come from reading the others and wanting to know what happens to everyone else. 🙂 (Which actually puts more pressure on you…) If you have the energy to blog every day, or every week, more power to you!

  8. Sounds like you must live near me, because that weather you described was my last few days exactly. And by near me I mean within a state of me, because it was pretty wide spread. It rained for almost a day straight (we had a couple of short breaks and went straight into a sleet and then snow.

    Honestly, I don’t go on Facebook very much and I must not have your page liked or something (which is odd, because I could have sworn that I did), because I never get any notices about and that’s the only thing that usually takes me to Facebook is notices via my email about something on Facebook, so I didn’t even know you were posting on there and I really have missed your blog posts. I don’t see a blog post as BUY MY BOOK unless it actually is about buying someone’s book. Even posts that are about progress on the book I don’t see that way, because I’m here because I already want to buy the books. I want to know how they are coming along. I want to know when I can buy them, because I want them.

    How much do I trust Facebook? None. I will not post anything there that I don’t want the whole world to know even though my privacy settings shouldn’t allow them to see it. They lost any trust I might have had in them the day I realized that where I work had been removed from my profile. If they are going to edit my profile, not going to fill out anything else. I probably should remove some of the stuff I do have on there, but I’m on there so rarely that I don’t think about it. They occasionally bug me about the fact that my profile isn’t complete . . . well, whose fault is that?

    As for ads, I tended to ignore them until I notice that I was getting ads for a Kickstarter I’d backed and a course I had bought. And this wasn’t just on Facebook. It was everywhere. I am constantly bombarded with ads for things I already own. It’s bizarre and more than a little annoying. These are one time purchases. The only way I could buy them, again, is if I purchased them for someone else. It’s a very ineffective advertising campaign, because it only started after I purchased their product.

    No, it absolutely doesn’t bother me to get daily emails about updates here, because I love hearing from you and no, it doesn’t bother me that the updates are completely unrelated to your books, because I enjoy your posts. Finally, no, it doesn’t make me feel pressured to buy them. I will buy them as soon as I am able and I will buy them, so I guess the only pressure I’d see in that situation is me pressuring you to give me updates about when I can buy them. Of course, I may not be typical, since I’ve already committed to buy every book your write unless something really drastically changes in your subject matter. so for me when it comes to you, pressure to buy doesn’t exist. You can’t really pressure someone to do something they were already going to do. I mean you could, but it would be pointless. By the time you apply the pressure, they might have already done it. The blog posts are just candy, not pressure.

  9. Personally, I wish more authors would do blog posts because I rarely see their posts on FB and I often don’t think to search for them while I’m there looking through other people’s posts. I usually get sidetracked with the funny videos and pictures. If I follow a blog, then I’ll get an email which reminds me to check out what the author is doing. In my busy life, I need those reminders. 🙂

    FB is linked to a lot of things. I’m guessing this is why FB wants our phone numbers. Google wants it, too. As soon as I search for anything on the internet, I get ads on FB and my yahoo email account, and I see them popping up when I go to other websites on the internet. I think it’s all connected. For sure, I wouldn’t post anything personal on FB. I’ve stopped doing that a long time ago.

    I don’t think anything we’re doing is truly private.

    As for the feeling that you’d be bombarding us with “buy my books” posts, I don’t think so. Besides, we can always choose not to read the posts that don’t interest us. And honestly, I can’t remember a single post you’ve ever made that came off as spammy. I think you’re fine. 🙂

    1. I won’t give Google or FB my phone number. I was forced to give it to hotmail..which was very unfortunately. Oh, and I also wish blogging would make a comeback. As you said though, Facebook makes things very easy and puts us all in a rush of having only attention to read just a few lines.

  10. I enjoy your posts! That’s what blogging is about, just sharing your thoughts and stuff. And I’m okay on the email updates about new posts. I like to keep in touch or be in the know with my fellow bloggers and authors.

  11. I love your posts!!! No matter what you are talking about it makes me feel closer to you and I enjoy hearing how someone else, who I admire and look up to, is doing. You’re doing one thing I would love to do(write romance novels), but I won’t even try, I know my mind can’t make up some of the great things you and other writers do. Trust me I’ve tried. Keep writing, blogging, and sending out email updates!! Bring them on! You can’t pressure me to buy something I don’t want. Besides, the only books you have written that I don’t own are the non-regency England books….I’m chopping at the bit for more of those books.

  12. I love your blogs….LOVE THEM. I see one of my favorite authors as a regular everyday person with kids and a husband. You make me laugh and lord knows we all find ourselves in funny situations. Thank you for sharing. As for buying your books, I do that because I love them. I find them a great place to go to when I need to escape my crazy life. I have never felt pressured to make a purchase, to me it is more of an invitation to enjoy your work. I am sorry you have had a bad experience on line.

  13. I miss hearing about Bob and the boys! I love your long, rambling blog posts (I mean that in the best way possible)! I read all of your Facebook posts too, but I would be very happy to go back to the old blog style.

  14. So that is why I haven’t seen you in my in-box much. I follow fb only so much and I personally only post to “harass” folks into buying favorite author’s books. I find it too much of a time suck. I have stuff sorted so I can only look at what I want which does not always include all of the many authors I like to follow. I prefer the blogs and newletters. Soooooo . . . in my humble opinion, go back to blogging. I will pay more attention to that. But . . . only do so when you feel like it and/or having something to say you need to say. Not because you feel obligated to. I personally love the more personal blogs and some day may even be more regular with mine. 😀

  15. If it bothered me I would just hut that almighty delete button. I actually like hearing from you and enjoy your blogging!

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