New book from my friend, Ruth J. Hartman

A good friend of mine, Ruth J Hartman, who I have had the pleasure of not only meeting, shaking hands with and murmuring a few pleasantries, but actually got to sit down and dine with her (more than once) this past May has a new book, A Courtship for Celia, available!


Cecilia Fletcher yearns for true love with the man of her heart. A life of her own away from her demanding mother would be an added benefit. But in order to do that, Cecilia must live a lie, making it necessary to use a false name in order to hide a family secret.

Barrington Radcliff was betrayed by a woman who he thought loved him. Because of that, trust is hard to willingly give. When he meets pretty Cecilia Fleming, his heart wants to give her a chance. Something about her doesn’t ring true, but Barrington allows love to overrule his good judgment.

Can Cecilia and Barrington get past their hurt and secrets long enough to find true love? 

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