Like Edward Banks (or any of the Banks family for that matter), I tend to go through life without offering many explanations or apologies for my behavior. I’m just not good at social graces! But I do feel I owe all of you loyal readers an apology and an explanation.

First, I really am sorry I’ve been so remiss these past almost six months with my posts. I can’t go into all of it here, but we all have families and friends and we all know and understand that sometimes things that happen with them is beyond our control and has a way of pressing all of us. I am not immune. That said, I have made conscious decision to try to block out some of the external (and internal) distractions and blog more.

Starting with a few updates:

1. Simon and Henrietta’s book, Passions of a Gentleman, is currently on hold.

Why? See above. There has been a constant string of distractions for the past few months and every time I’d make headway, I’d get discouraged when I realized something wasn’t going to work. Why wouldn’t it work? Because I’m an idiot! Everything would have been just fine had I not had Edwina, the new Lady Benedict, see Lord Belgrave (Sebastian) during the final ball at the end of her book. But she did…so that means this entire series has had to run parallel with all the Banks books and everything I do in this latest one MUST match the timeline and events with not one or two, but THIRTEEN other books. This has (at times) made my life a living hell as I’ve had to trash the book and start over more times than I can even keep track of. So I put it aside. I’m really sorry to have to do that, but if it’s going to be a quality book, it needs to be done right. There have been a couple I’ve pushed and rushed just to have them done and keep up with a publishing schedule, and unfortunately, those have tended to be my least favorite books. I don’t want to do that to this one. I don’t deserve it, you as readers don’t deserve that and the characters don’t deserve that, either!

2. So here’s the deal…

After taking some time off from writing altogether to spend time with family and friends and get a bearing on life again, I started a new book. New characters. New timeline and era. New everything. I’m not THAT far into it yet but I’m making progress. And it’s fun. And that’s the most important thing. The books I’ve had the most fun writing are (not surprisingly) reader favorites. Though I’ve broken a few rules here and there, my love for that story and the characters has been most prominent in those books and it shows. That’s what I want to get back to. Not to say I don’t love Simon and Henrietta. I do. But when frustration manifests with a writer, the book sucks. I’m sorry, I hate that term with a passion that consumes my soul, but in this situation, it fits. And frankly, I don’t want a half-assed story.

That confession now out in the open, I WILL write that book if it’s the last thing I do. Furthermore, I will not start any more Regency series until I finish that one. I do owe that to all of you as readers, but I need a break. When I’ve taken breaks in the past and worked on another book or wrote another series before coming back to an idea, it has worked out better for me. It’s just never happened with the final book, usually it’s the first, which is why I’ve spent so long fighting it. But I can’t fight it anymore. I have to stop for a while. But please don’t lose faith in me, the book will come, just maybe not in 2014.

3. Some final words...

As always, I am so very appreciative of all of you who have purchased and read my books. Without awesome readers, such as you, there’d be no reason to write stories. I started writing about Brooke and Andrew, then the other sisters, as a means to cope with some difficult situations I was facing, but I continued because of all of the love and support for the Banks family! I have really enjoyed these past three and a half years and know it wouldn’t have been possible if not for all of you! Thank you all so much!

12 thoughts on “Updates!”

  1. If you are not enjoying what you are doing it will show for us, your readers. Find your joy again, we will be here and will benefit from your new found joy! I hope your life settles down so your joy can come through! ❤

  2. You’re amazing Rose! I’m so glad you’re putting “first things first” and that you have such a drive to do things right – for your family, yourself, your readers – and even your characters! Love you tons & you know you have my support! ((hugs))

  3. As much as I want to read that book, I want you to be happy with the end result first, because until you’re happy, it’s not going to end up right. Take as much time away from it as you need to. I get how crazy it must be to make the story fit in with thirteen (or more) other stories and be consistent.

    With that said, I look forward to seeing what you are doing in the meantime. I thoroughly enjoy your books, all of them, regardless of setting and time frame, so I’m sure I will enjoy what you are working on now just as much.

    On a completely unrelated note, I have been playing around with figuring out RSS feeds, how to make them, how to find them, especially for individual categories, and I was wondering why you don’t have any categories (beyond uncategorized). It’s not super important to me, but I thought I’d ask, since they can make finding things simpler.

    1. Thanks Marlena!

      Sometimes it’s just how it is! But the end will be FAR better.

      As for the RSS feed…I’ve tried to categorize them, but to be honest, I’m lazy and I often forget!

  4. I just went back through your books in order, which I didn’t do the first time around. Edward Banks is still my favorite character!

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