Some of us LOVE change and others HATE it, but either way, change is a part of life and I have some changes to announce.

A few weeks back I signed a few contracts and will be having all of my books made into mass market paperbacks which is HUGE for me. They’ll not only be of a smaller size, but they’ll be in a more expanded distribution; and the best part is, I’ll be able to price each copy at a lower price so we all win!

The change that comes with this is in the form of some of my covers. Two series, the Banks Brothers’ Brides and the Fort Gibson Officers series had to have the covers change. The others either had to have minor or no changes. The new covers have already been selected and will be showcased soon. I want to tell you all this as a head’s up, if there are any of the books I’ve mentioned that you absolutely LOVE the current cover of and would like a paperback copy, I’d suggest ordering it in the near future as I can’t guarantee how long it will still be available.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years and sticking with me to experience such awesomeness!

5 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. So excited for the expanded distribution! And while I LOVE your books current book covers, change is sometimes necessary. We’ll get through it and we’ll either love the new covers too, or grow to love them.

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