Exciting news for the Groom Series!

1. Her Imperfect Groom is now available as an audiobook!

Imperfect Auido


Amazon.com     Audible.com    iBooks will be coming shortly.



Sir Wallace Benedict has a serious problem: he’s a thrice-jilted baronet who is helplessly in love with a lady he can hardly talk to, let alone offer for…

Edwina Banks also has a serious problem: she’s helplessly in love with Sir Wallace Benedict, who, rumor has it, is still quite taken with the first lady to jilt him. Deciding the only way she is to have a chance at her own happily-ever-after is to help Sir Wallace achieve his, she decides to give Sir Wallace advice on how to woo his lady.

Advice on how to woo the woman of his affection given by the woman of his affection? How can Sir Wallace refuse?


2. Her Sudden Groom is now available in German!

I know you all secretly read German so I wanted to make sure and get this posted so you’d all be able to go indulge yourselves. Honestly, though, this is rather exciting since it’s the first book I’ve had translated.



If you want to check it out, here’s the link for Amazon (the only retailer who carries it).

4 thoughts on “Exciting news for the Groom Series!”

  1. I listen to audiobooks ALL THE TIME. I can’t stand to drive without having my mind doing something. And the good news is…I haven’t read Her Imperfect Groom yet! Now I can do that in audio. I’ve listened to several of your books in audio. 🙂

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