June News

I am officially BACK from Arizona for the writers’ and readers’ conference I attended (Building the Dream and Arizona Dreamin’). I had a fabulous time, though I am a little worn out!

Anyway, I have six things to share with you all–the first two might not be new for some, so just keep scrolling:

1.  In case you missed it a few weeks back, Desires of a Baron is now available at all major eBook retailers!


*Paperback copies are now available at Amazon and will be at B&N soon.

2.  Her Secondhand Groom is now available as an audiobook. 


3. Narration has been approved for Her Imperfect Groom and it will be coming within the next six weeks!

4. The German translation for Her Sudden Groom is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com and will officially be readable on June 17th.

If you’re like me and your excitement has you interested in what it looks like in the store, here’s the link.

5. Over the next few weeks/months all of my books will be made into mass market paperbacks.

Currently, they are trade size and trade price, but they will be moved into mass market. During this time, some of them might be temporarily unavailable–but if you’ll contact me to let me know which you’re waiting for that is currently unavailable, I’ll make a note to let you know when it is. When I see:


it doesn’t exactly flatter me. Books should be reasonably priced and this is ridiculous. Anyway, I am well aware that the paperback versions of Her Secondhand Groom and His Contract Bride are currently impossible to get a hold of, but they’ll be back soon as will any others that might temporarily go out of print due to the change.

6. I will no longer be sending out a Monthly Newsletter.

I started writing my monthly newsletter more than three years ago as a means to stay in touch with readers. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a large decline in opens and subscriptions; whereas, another newsletter I have that is just for a simple notification when a new book has been released has continued to steadily skyrocket. So, to keep up-to-date with me and my craziness there are several other ways to do it:

And if all you really want is to know when books are released, the best way to do that is:


I think this is all that is new for June–well except more stories from RT and now from Phoenix that I am now at home to share as soon as I start to decompress.

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