Back from RT

What a week. I am finally back and have plenty to share!

My travel down was…interesting.

First, I arrived at the airport with precisely two hours to go before my plane was originally scheduled to take off. Which was for the best since I stood in line for an hour and a half before realizing that I was in the WRONG line. There was only one line coming out of the desks for the airline. Well, apparently, the night before there had been a slew of cancelled flights and everyone who was in line was to talk to the agent to find alternative ways to get to their destination. So…I did the limbo under the little stretchy, seatbelt gate and shimmied my way with two bags that weighed over 100 pounds combined and a 50-pound backpack on to the kiosk where I checked in in under five minutes. But no worries because while waiting in that line, I’d received a notification that my plane was already delayed by 30 minutes.

After checking in, I wrapped the two stickers around the two bags I’m checking and then dragged them to the scale. Literally. One was okay…the other was 15 pounds over which led to the wonderful experience of unzipping both suitcases and transferring 15 pounds from one to the other, leaving them both to weigh just under 50 pounds each. Nice! The only downside to this was I had my crap all over the airport floor.

The line for security was non-existent and within a few minutes I was at my gate, which was good because if my last text update was true, everyone should already be on the plane or at least have already had their ticket scanned. Wrong. The seating area was packed and the lady at the counter won’t give a time, just tells me to have a seat for a few minutes they haven’t started boarding yet. I do and get out my laptop because I’m not the kind who wants to be first on the plane. I’d rather be on last. Just as I fire up my computer and get ready to check emails a gate change is announced and we all migrate 20 feet to the left. Then we sit and wait. And wait. And then wait some more. 11:15 comes and goes. 11:30 comes and goes… An announcement comes on at 11:45 that the flight attendants didn’t leave the hotel until 11:30 and should be there shortly so we can start boarding. Um, excuse me, but this flight was originally scheduled for 10:45, what would have happened had there not been a weather delay? Not to worry though, because they’ve overbooked the plane and would like to take this time to have four volunteers to take a later flight. There wasn’t a chance I’d stand up on this one. At about 12:10 or so, they start boarding the plane. Then we all sit and get as comfortable as you can when you have nearly 200 people packed into a space the size of a soda can. Then we wait…

About 15 minutes later, the pilot comes on to announce that one of the engines won’t come on! Not to worry, they’ll call maintenance right over to fix it. They did. It was quick, but believe me, I was clutching the arm rests the entire 40 minutes to Dallas.

Originally, I’d planned to have a two and a half hour layover in Dallas which was the perfect amount of time to get to the next gate, have a light lunch, stretch, etc. I had 20 minutes and had the pleasure of using those precious 20 minutes to run to my next gate where I was afforded just enough time to shove a pretzel down my throat before boarding.

Fortunately, this plane didn’t have any problems or major delays other than them having to beg people to take a later flight (overbooked again), but that was to my advantage or I wouldn’t have had time to inhale a soft, buttery piece of heaven from Auntie Anne’s. Sadly, my seat mate on the plane didn’t have enough time to eat his food off the plane and brought out enough to feed a small army and perfectly arranged it on his tray. Unfortunately, while packing his boiled eggs, trail mix and half a dozen other healthy snacks like bananas and peanuts, he forgot napkins… So when he got something on his hands he needed to get off…he reached down, lifted the cuff of his jeans, and wiped his fingers on his socks. And then went back to eating! I honestly, didn’t think it could get much worse than that, but it did. A few moments later, he was eating peanuts or something like that, and picking his teeth. Totally gross. I was so pleased when he was finished eating. (On the plus side, my own appetite was definitely gone.) Thankfully that was the rest of the plane excitement unless one wants to count that this fellow was so taken with his Sudoku puzzle that when the plane landed, he refused to get up out of his seat until it was done which left me sitting patiently by the window.

After deplaning, I waited for my bags then took the Ride of Almost Death part one to the airport which was filled with horn honking, weaving in and out of lanes, abrupt turns, a U-turn on a busy street and some white knuckles by the passengers.

And then I arrived at RT…


More later this week. I hope you all have a wonderful day. As usual, I seem to not be able to go far or do anything without it turning into some sort of an adventure filled with crazy happenings. I hope you all have a wonderful day!







12 thoughts on “Back from RT”

  1. Oh my goodness… and this was just to get there! I have a feeling there will be a lot more interesting stories that happened on this trip!

  2. I love the detail of the guy wiping his hands on his socks. Seems like a fun thing for your next book 🙂

    Christi Corbett

  3. I will be standing anxiously **wringing my shaking hands** to welcome you to Arizona **wonder what it would take to get the car wrapped in a thick amount of protective foam** and can’t wait to spend time with you at AZ Dreamin’ **will stay as far away as possible** Can’t wait **one more week of safety**

    1. I don’t like feeling stuck, either, but I have a little, tiny fear of flying and for some reason it actually helps me to be abel to look down and see the ground…not that seeing the ground is THAT comforting since it’s so far away. LOL

  4. Those are some of my favorite things about traveling: all the crazy adventures you can have and quirky people you meet! I can’t do a window seat either. My legs are stupid and I have to stand most of the time, but mostly I don’t like feeling trapped.

    Can’t wait to hear about RT!

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