Desires of a Baron is Now Available!

I am pleased to announce that Desires of a Baron is now available at all major eBook retailers!

Giles Goddard, Lord Norcourt is odd. Born with his life’s cord wrapped around his neck and sent away to Ireland to be raised in an orphanage run by nuns, he’s known nothing but the cold sting of being misunderstood and altogether unwanted. But that’s all about to change… 

Lucy Whitaker is a fallen woman who has done her best to build a life for her and her son. But when her son finds a battered gentleman left on the side of the road, her entire world is about to come crashing down as she once again finds herself caught between two brothers: an heir and a spare. 

Will Lucy’s dislike for nobility forever keep her from eternal happiness or can Giles convince her to follow her heart and take a chance on loving a baron?


*Paperback copies should be available before June 1, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Desires of a Baron is Now Available!”

  1. A good book. I especially liked getting to know the boys of the story better, all four of them. My favorite line was at the end of the conversation between Lucy and Isabelle where Isabelle replied to something Lucy said about what friends are for with “Yes, and saving each other from a life filled with embroidery.”

    “Friends are for saving each other from a life filled with embroidery,” should be embroidered on a pillow somewhere.

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