A few happenings for May

1. Desires of a Baron is set to release on May 13, 2014

Finally, done! The set date for release is May 13, 2014–originally I think I’d mentioned May 15th, but I’ll be at RT that day so if there’s any kind of a problem, I’ll have a hard time knowing what’s gong on.

So…with a week left, I’ll start featuring excerpts and fun facts.

Also, I am taking a list of names of people who’d like to have an ARC (advanced readers/reviewer’s copy) in exchange for an honest review to be posted within the first two weeks that the book goes live. I have a link to a form you’re welcome to fill out. I will add as a disclaimer, due to high interest I cannot send an ARC to everyone who fills out the form. Instead, I’ll select 10-15 at random.

2. Passions of a Gentlemen is coming along. 

I’ve had to start over a handful of times after making good progress when I realized that something wasn’t going to work (timeline) so I’ve started over once again and I’m not too far into it, but have worked out the kinks. Originally I’d planned to have only three books out this year: January, May and November, but if I can get this one done in a timely manner, I might move it up to August/September.

3. I will be signing books at RT but NOT at the book signing.

I’ve decided this year to forgo the giant book fair at RT and instead I’ve scheduled two meet-and-greets in Club RT. Both will be at 2pm. One on Thursday and the other on Friday. I will have free books and swag so come see me if you’re there!


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