What’s in a Novel: Open Invitation Round II

As it’s become quite apparent due to my spastic posting as of late I’ve run out of books to feature for Sample Sunday, Wicked Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday. I had hoped to have an idea of what to blog about when that ended, but alas I had nothing. Instead, I sat quiet and waited for inspiration to come…

Fortunately, some of my best thinking comes when I’m not trying to think and yesterday it hit me. About a year ago I was working on this on-going series “What’s in a Novel” where I’d explain writerly things in a way I hoped would be of interest and informative to readers or aspiring writers.

I’m thinking, but not too hard because I’d hate to hurt myself, to revive this series by updating the topic links I already have, review what I’ve covered already so I don’t get too redundant, and start working my way through the ones I never did.

However, I also wanted to make an open call for anyone who wasn’t reading my posts then but has a question they’d like to see answered to email or comment and I’ll try to answer it.

These questions can be about anything: writing in general, my specific writing method/routine, how I pick names, handling stalkers, what do you do when the characters don’t behave or don’t want to do anything (writer’s block is what some people call this), etc. It doesn’t just have to be about books/publishing in general nor just about mine specifically. It can be either way. Just anything you’d like to know.

4 thoughts on “What’s in a Novel: Open Invitation Round II”

  1. How about when characters try to take over? I don’t write romance, so when I do write a story I usually have between one and five point of view characters (this usually includes the villain if there is one). Usually I have a pretty good idea who those are, but sometimes a character tries to take over and lead the story somewhere else or to make it more focused on them. Currently I have that happening with a story where characters who weren’t even supposed to be in there want to be point of view characters or at least have major side roles.

    I have other things I’d like to hear about such as advertising and I’d like to know about setting up an author website, since I will be wanting to do that. When should someone set up a site? I don’t think you wait until your first book is out, but should you at least wait until the first draft is done?

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