Fun Fact Friday ~ The Officer and the Traveler

This Fun Fact Friday contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

  • When coming up with words for the title that ended with an “er” to keep the theme, I contemplated and almost used “Stranger” but then decided since I already had an S word with Southerner, that I should find another. Thus, I came up with Traveler. Which is far more fitting since they knew each other and weren’t total strangers.
  • While I didn’t know hardly anything about Jack before his book, I knew a lot and I do mean a lot about Gray and his past before writing his book.
  • What I didn’t anticipate about Gray in this book is that he’d be injured. That was a storyline that just started and I went with it. Some like it. Some don’t. I think it does add to the development between the two and gives a little clue about the end.
  • There was a point in the book where I wasn’t certain exactly who the villain was.
  • I allowed the villain to “get away” because I wasn’t sure if I’d need him in a future book. Not to redeem him, but maybe add a point of contention.
  • Of all the series I’ve written, I usually have a favorite hero in each series, but not in this one. I’m pulled to all three of them in equal measure and for different reasons. It was strange to have all the heroes in a single series that I loved so much.
  • I restarted this book about six times and I’m so glad I did. I don’t think it would have worked out as well had I stuck with one of the first five attempts.
  • I knew from the first book (and thought it was obvious) that Wes was related to Gabriel Ellis (Carolina Banks’ brother), but decided to clarify it with the ending.
  • If you’ll notice, the name of the place where Wes’ grandparents live is: Lowland Ridge. In His Yankee Bride, neither Gabriel nor Marjorie live at a residence known as Lowland Ridge. Gabriel lives at Lowland Cross and Marjorie lives at Reynolds Ridge. Therefore… somehow they have to merge… I have a story idea for these two and I’m excited to write it. Unfortunately, my American-set books just don’t do as well as my English so it’s just not a top priority for 2014, but I’ve got it listed as a possibility for 2015.

Have a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday ~ The Officer and the Traveler”

  1. I like both your American ones and you English ones. 🙂 I’m excited to read Gray’s story when I’m done with Jack’s. I bet Gray is a little deeper than he’s seemed in the other books.

      1. I’ve actually already read it now. 🙂 I felt like this book was a little darker than your others. I really, really liked this one. Gray and Michaela are complicated, and that’s always good in a character.

  2. First, glad to hear that Gabriel and Marjorie have a story idea nudging at you, because I want to read it even if it will be a while before I get the chance.

    As of about two weeks ago I am all caught up with your books. I may need to start rereading them, again. I’m with Lauralynn Elliott except I use the word love. I love both your American and you English books. Basically, I love your characters.

    I think the next time I reread them I need to stop at the end of each and, while they are fresh in my mind I need to write reviews, because much as I love them I have been sadly reticent in that area. You know I love them. Time to let the people checking out your book pages know it. I have some other books to read first, but probably I will start rereading them in the next month or two.

    It’s interesting to see how you decided the title of the book. I agree that Traveler fits better than Stranger for those two.

    Nothing wrong with letting the bad guy get away sometimes. They don’t always get caught and sometimes they do come back for more trouble. I just finished the first in a two book series where the villain (very, very creepy lady) was caught, but gets away four years later to set off the events of the second book which I need to get still. So sometimes, even when they get caught, it doesn’t stay that way.

    Looking forward to rereading this book down the line.

    1. Marlena, I’m thrilled you love my characters. I think that’s what makes my books different. It’s not really that the storyline or setting is super unique…I think it has a lot to do with the characters and their quirks and flaws. At least that’s why I love these books!

      I’d be most appreciative if you’d take time to leave reviews. I never really understood just how much reviews helped authors when trying to gain exposure.

  3. Hi,
    I must admit that I’m usually very partial to stories set in England. Yours set in America are the first ones to encapture me. I couldn’t stop reading either until I finished. Thank you so much for the pleasurable experience! 🙂 Right now I’m looking very much forward to reading all of your books that I haven’t devoured yet… 😉

    Best wishes from Germany

    1. I am SO glad you’ve enjoyed my American books! I’ve had a few other die hard England lovers who have given them a chance and were surprised they liked them. I just grin and say, “The setting might be different, but the author is the same!”

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