Fun Fact Friday ~ The Officer and the Southerner

It’s Fun Fact Friday ON Friday, yay!

  • I originally thought to have this book starting with Ella’s arrival and using little snippets of their letters as the intro into chapters but decided it would be better to get the story of how they conversed up front so there was no flashbacks or explaining.
  •  There’s a clue as to who Gray will marry (other than the obvious that she’s a traveler and was kissing Gray at the end). A little earlier, when Michaela and her father leave Fort Smith, she mentions how his face changed at the mention of a “Captain Montgomery” and that he held the papers for dear life. He knew exactly who Captain Montgomery had to be.
  • I got the idea of having Ella get bitten by a brown recluse after I found one in my house.
  • I had someone tell me they were shocked that Michaela was kissing Gray because they were convinced that I’d write her as having a “close friend” back in Georgia. Which, in historical romance terms, that means she’s became a spinster because she’s not interested in men.
  • It seems that Colonel Lewis was as much of a hero to some in this book as Jack was. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received about the colonel’s letter to General Davis. Which, I should add, was a spur of the moment thing. I didn’t plan to put that in there, it just kind of came to me and I went with it!
  • If Mrs. Lewis and her “explanations” had you shaking your head, you are not alone. I was doing the same.
  • I think Jack had to be the hero who I knew the littlest about before I started writing his book. Usually I have some sort of idea of their backstory, what they like/don’t like, experiences, etc. I knew next to nothing about Jack. Only what was mentioned about him in the first book. That’s it.
  • I like the cover for this book the best in the series.
  • I changed Ella’s hair color in the book to match the cover. Previously, it wasn’t so dark.
  • Bob HATED that Ella’s eyes were different colors (one blue, one green) and even tried to explain what happens with a person’s genetics to causes that to happen as a means to get me to relent. I didn’t.

10 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday ~ The Officer and the Southerner”

    1. Interesting stuff, Rose. I love that your heroine has two different color eyes. In some short stories I’m working on which feature the hero and heroine of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” the hero shaves his mustache and the heroine dyes her hair brown (she was a blonde). I’ve got your book on my TBR list.

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