Wicked Wednesday ~ The Officer and the Southerner

It’s Wicked Wednesday again!

[WARNING: This one isn’t for those who prefer clean reads, and as always, if we know each other in person, please skip this one.]


A little background information: in good ‘ole Gray, form Gray made sure Jack (our hero) had possession of a sheath. Ella (our heroine) has found said sheath and doesn’t know what it is. So she casually asks Allison what it is and what it’s for. Before Allison has a chance to explain it, Mrs. Lewis swoops in and gives her a cryptic response that leads to an uncomfortable moment between Jack and Ella s their shooting at targets. But because he’s her husband, and moreover, because he loves her and doesn’t want her to be embarrassed by her innocence, he does his best to explain it…

An uneasy feeling came over him as the events of the last minute started to sink in. “Why are you carrying this around?”

She blushed. “I was putting my underthings into the dresser this morning while you were out, and I opened a drawer that you had already claimed as yours. It looked a little out of sorts, so I thought to straighten it for you. I—I didn’t mean to go through your personal things, but I found it and I didn’t know what it was for.”

“So you decided it must be for my gun?”

“That’s what Mrs. Lewis told me when I asked the other wives.”

His jaw dropped. “You asked them what it was for?”

“Y-yes, and Mrs. Lewis said you put it over your gun, so when you practice, it doesn’t cause any harm.”

Every drop of blood shot straight to his head. He didn’t know how, or if, he’d be able to face Wes and the general and most definitely Colonel Lewis again. “She didn’t mean that literally,” he forced himself to say.

Ella’s brow furrowed and the temperature must have heated to one thousand degrees. “Then what did she mean?” Her innocence made him want to groan.

“She was talking about something else. Can we leave it at that for now?”

“No.” She shook her head, a sad expression in her eyes. “I want to know why they were all laughing at me.”

His heart nearly cracked. “I’m sorry they laughed at you, and I will explain it, but this might not be the best time.”

She swallowed visibly, finding something of the utmost interest on his left shoulder. “I understand.”

This time he did groan. “Ella, do you remember when you called my name while I was in the bath?”

She nodded.

“Did you happen to look at anything other than my not-so-hairy chest?”

“Let’s shoot the gun,” she said, picking up his pistol, a blush on her cheeks.

“No. You wanted to know and now you shall have your answer.” He took a deep breath. Weren’t mothers supposed to explain this to their daughters? He shook his head and said a silent prayer he wouldn’t explain it in a way that would make her want to avoid his bed forever. “Men and women are made differently. I’m taller than you, and though you might not believe it based on my chest, men grow hair in some places ladies do not. Men’s bodies are supposed to be firmer than their counterparts. For example, my chest is flat, and yours—” he coughed— “isn’t. While we all have arms and legs, men have a part that you ladies do not. That’s what she was talking about.”

Ella still looked confused and he wanted to curse himself for not having a better explanation for her.

“See, it’s like this,” he tried again. “In order for us to have children, our bodies have to share certain…things. For this to happen, part of me has to…uh…” He raked a hand through his hair, then quit talking and bent forward, pressing his lips to hers. Their kiss was hard and fast, over way too soon for his liking, so he relaxed his lips a bit and leaned in for another. This time, he cupped her face with one hand, stroking her soft cheek with his fingers while his lips pressed hers.

He parted his lips a fraction, just enough to draw her lower lip between his, which she allowed him to do without protest. He ran his tongue along the plump length of her lip, then slipped insider her mouth to taste her better.

She opened her mouth a little more, allowing him further entry. She tasted sweet, just like the apple pastries she’d made them yesterday. Her tongue brushed his and his heart raced. He liked kissing her like this and never wanted to stop. But he had to, before he pushed too far.

He pulled back, his breathing heavy.

So was hers, serving only to make him more excited.

Wordlessly, he reached for her hand and pressed it against the length of his erection, which was threatening to burst the seams of his trousers. “This is what it covers.” He took a deep, ragged breath.

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