Some Updates, Changes and

1. Desires of a Baron is coming along nicely. 

I’m up to 11,500 words, which considering that I started on it in November isn’t very impressive. In fact, it’s shameful! But I did take off most of December to spend the holidays with my family (when I wasn’t editing Secrets of a Viscount, that is). Then January things started well, but roadblocks kept coming all the way into mid-February and now I’m back into the book! I think it was for the best that I took off a few weeks (more like months) because yesterday I was able to write up an entire rough outline for it and am ready to make some headway this week.

2. Audiobooks.

I mentioned sometime last month that Her Secondhand Groom and Her Imperfect Groom were in production to be made into audiobooks, that’s still on target. The narrator is finished with recording Secondhand and is currently editing the narration. However, the Groom Series will likely be the last series that I put into audio for various reasons. First, it takes a long time to produce one so by the time the book is made into audio, it’s been available digitally and in print for at least six months. Second, they’re expensive to produce and mine don’t seem to fit the market very well. Third, I was informed last week that my royalty structure will soon change on these and not in a good way. While digital and paperbacks cost me approximately $1,000 to produce, audiobooks cost roughly $2,000–3,000 to produce. ACX/Audible determines the price, then from there I get my cut based on the price they sell for. For example, say my royalty rate is 50%, if they sell for 19.99, my cut is 9.99. If they sell for 17.99, I get 8.99. However, sometimes people buy them with their credits for 7.99, which means the author/publisher (whoever it was who paid to have the book narrated, which in my case is me) earns 3.99 on each sale. There are times when people can purchase them for 1.99, which means the author gets .99 each time the book is sold. It’s very difficult to pay off a 2,000-3,000 expense when the majority of the sales, which are meager at best, come in the form of the 7.99 credits or the 1.99 discount–and now the % is about to be dropped? It’s just not an expense I can justify. When I sell at a ratio of 1 audiobook for every 300 eBooks and make so little on each. I do apologize if I have any strictly audio listeners, but as a businesswoman I have to recognize when something isn’t very beneficial to me.

I think that’s all I have to say for today–now I need to be off writing! Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “Some Updates, Changes and”

  1. Thanks for sharing about audiobooks, it’s something I’ve heard a lot recently, so it’s good to hear about someone’s actual experience with making them.

  2. I listen to audio books a LOT. However, I read a lot of digital books, too, so I’ll read yours regardless of how you produce them. 🙂

    I don’t know if I’ll do another one or not. I haven’t made my money back yet that I paid the narrator, so….

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