Fun Fact Friday (on Saturday) ~ The Officer and the Bostoner

  • I live less than an hour from Fort Gibson and have been down to see the fort for research multiple times.
  • I can’t say exactly why I got the idea to write this book other than I wanted to take a break from Regencies and try Westerns that were different. I think I nailed that one.
  • Allison’s name wasn’t originally Allison. First it was Rachel, then Ella, THEN Allison.
  • I wrote this book in “chunks”. I started it in January 2012, right after I finished Her Imperfect Groom and got as far as Wes introducing Allison to his friends after marrying her, but could go no further for that impossible Edward Banks kept interrupting my thoughts and demanded I write his story NOW. So I did, then came back to this one. Which was for the best because…
  • I originally thought to have Allison be deathly sick with a spider bite and have her fall in love with Wes as she recovered. I changed this, however, after taking a year off from the book because I realized that with all three of these books taking place on a secluded fort, there were only so many scenarios that were possible and I’d better wait and use that particular one with a later book.
  • When I first started writing about Nicholas, I was pretty convinced he was interested in Allison to cover up his other interests (men). In the end, it’s never really said one way or the other and that’s because I couldn’t really figure him out, nor did I care to. He was extremely rude when he entered the book and that was enough for me.
  • Nicholas’ name was originally William and I had to change that because I didn’t want the hero and the old beau’s name to both start with a W. While I changed Rachel then Ella to Allison during the first chapter, I didn’t change William to Nicholas until the part where he appeared toward the end of the book.
  • I didn’t write Wes with the idea (at first) that he’d be related to the whole Banks family via Carolina, but as I got closer to the end and realized the time frame and that I’d already made him from Charleston, it just fit.
  • I researched exactly what army officers would have worn during that time period for the better part of six hours and wrote out detailed descriptions that were later cut.
  • This was definitely one of my favorite books to write, though one of my least popular.

5 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday (on Saturday) ~ The Officer and the Bostoner”

  1. Neat information to know Rose. I know there is so much that goes into writing a book. We readers get the end product and don’t have to go thru the process. Kinda’ blew me away tho when you said at the last The Officer and the Bostoner was one of your least popular. I haven’t read a book by you that I don’t like.

  2. I’m trying to figure put why this book would be one of your least popular. I wonder if its because most of your fans are Regency readers. Me…I read almost everything! 🙂 I loved it.

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