Wicked Wednesday ~ The Officer and the Bostoner

Because Sharon loves it so, I didn’t feel safe in skipping another Wicked Wednesday! But, this time, it’s not exactly the wickedness everyone might expect from me.

In this scene, Wes and Allison have just returned home to find a large metal tub sitting out in front of their room…

“Did we get another delivery?” Allison asked when they reached the top of the stairs near their room.

“It sure looks like we did. What do you think it is?”

She cast him a slightly annoyed look. “It looks like a bathtub, but I wasn’t expecting to see one outside our room.”

“Do you not think that army men bathe?”

“Well.” She shrugged. “I didn’t know. None that I’ve seen have looked very clean.”

He chuckled. “That’s because most either don’t care or haven’t had a chance to use the tub yet.”

She grimaced. “Everyone uses the same tub?”

“No, not everyone. Some share. Some don’t.”

“Who will we share with?”

The grin that spread his face could only be described as wolfish. “Each other. I got General Ridgely’s approval today for us to have our own tub.”

“Was this the special occasion you’d mentioned I’d need the new dress for this morning?” she asked, lifting the shirt and skirt draped over her free arm.

“I’d hoped so. But even if Ridgely hadn’t approved of us having our own tub, it was our night on the schedule to use the officers’ tub.”

She squeezed Wes’ arm. “Thank you. I am in desperate need of a bath, but I feared…” She shrugged.

“Now you shall have one, and then you will have some fresh clothes to put on afterwards.”

“Thank you,” she said again, coming up on her toes and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. Before she could think of why she’d done that over something as simple as making arrangements for her to have a bath, she let go of his arm and walked over to examine the tub. “You will bring it inside for me, won’t you?” “No, I don’t think I will.” He poked his lower lip out and shook his head. “I thought you’d bathe out here and enjoy the view of the fort—of course all the men will be enjoying the view, too.” “And just where will you be?”

“Standing right here, getting the best view of all.”

A shiver skated down her spine at his words, and doing her best to school her features, she simultaneously shrugged and sighed. “Well, if that’s the way it has to be, go get the water.” Frankly, she was so desperate for a bath, the idea that Wes would see her taking one almost didn’t bother her at all. Almost. The only reason that it didn’t bother her was that if he were in the room with her, she knew he would be mindful enough of her vulnerability to distract himself with something else. But was that what she really wanted him to do? Of course it was! A proper young lady didn’t wonder what a man’s reaction would be at seeing her naked! Nor did she even think about asking him to help her in and out of the tub, and most certainly not to help her with her hair.

“I wasn’t serious.” Wes’ gentle tone pulled her from her wandering thoughts.

“I know.” She winced at her uneven turn, then cleared her throat. “I just got distracted…”

He unlocked the door and pulled it open for her, then used his back to hold open the door while he lifted the tub. “Don’t worry. I’ll be a perfect gentleman, I promise.”

She didn’t doubt that; but would she remember to be a perfect lady?

Pushing the wicked thought from her mind, she entered the room and waited for him to come in so she could close the door.

“Can you get the fire started?” Wes asked.

Allison set her new clothes down on the bed. “Of course.” “All right, you start it, and I’ll go down to the well and get you some water.” He picked up the metal pail that came inside the tub and made a move to walk past her just as she took a step toward the fire. His thick arm brushed straight across the softness of both of her breasts. The color in his cheeks heightened. “I’m sorry,” said, then left.

She assumed his rough reaction hadn’t necessarily been because her breasts had brushed him, as she’d slept atop him with her breasts pressing against his body for hours and hours the other night; but rather, like her, he was feeling the discomfort of the coming moments.


I guess this is also wicked because I cut it off before the good parts!

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