Playing Catch Up!

As most of you have already noticed, I’ve gotten really behind with my blogging! So to make up for my shortcoming, I’ll do a Fun Fact Friday today from His Brother’s Bride and try to catch back up with starting the cycle over next week with the Fort Gibson Officers Series.

For the Fun Fact Friday make up, here goes:

I learned a little US History while writing His Brother’s Bride–that the US National Anthem was written to the tune of an old English tavern song! The song? Anacreon in Heaven. Apparently men used to sing it in taverns and before that, like in the 1700s (and before), they’d actually have secret gentlemen’s clubs that would meet and sing this song as their theme song. Of course this made it all the better to feature it in the book! You can find the video of it here on YouTube.

Henry gets his AWFUL singing from me. I can hardly carry a tune in a bucket.

I hadn’t even thought to use Laura (Small) Swift as a heroine until I making up a rough outline for the entire series and noticed that Regina, Carolina, and Amelia (the name I was pondering for either Elijah or Henry’s heroine) all ended with As. I thought that was a strange, but humorous coincidence and started thinking of other names that ended with an A and thought of Laura. I immediately dismissed the idea because of Laura Small from the first series. But a second later, the thought came back into my mind. What if? What if SHE is the heroine? What if she can be redeemed? What if she isn’t as bad as everyone thinks? What if there’s more to her story? I immediately became very intrigued and knew that come what may, I was going to use Laura as the heroine.

I purposely left her name off the description so people wouldn’t shy away from the book because of their loyalty to Madison.

I had a reader tell me that she almost put the book down when she realized who the heroine was and only pressed on because she’d promised me she’d read and review it. Then, at the end, she said she’s so glad she stuck with it because Laura became her favorite of my heroines.

I never intended for Mr. Henry Hirsute to have an appearance in this book, however, he came in handy and was the only viable reason for Elijah to have snuck into their room so Mr. Henry Hirsute had to have his moment of glory.

I thought I’d be entirely sad and lost at the end of this book since technically it ended a three-year saga for me writing about the Banks family, but I wasn’t. I was actually, “okay” with taking some time off from them and the Regency world.

I hadn’t always intended for Elijah and Henry to be spies, but it worked best to tie up loose ends such as why they were away in America during Her Sudden Groom.

If Robbie hadn’t already died in To Win His Wayward Wife, I seriously would have considered having Henry track him down and make him suffer for the things he’d done to Laura. I about died laughing when I got an email from a reader who expressed the same wish and said she almost wished I wrote paranormal so I could have him be resurrected only for the purpose of Henry delivering him his due.

Another “catch up” from former Fun Fact Fridays that I’ve missed:

In Liberty for Paul and Her Reluctant Groom, both heroes fly fish. This is a past time of my husband’s and I may or may not have been mocking some of our own conversations when Paul and Marcus try to instruct their perspective heroines on how to fly fish.

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