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Fun Fact Friday ~ His Jilted Bride

  • I’ve had three pet tarantulas: Harry, Mr. Fuzzinelli, and Quatzequatel.
  • One of my favorite comments from my husband came from this book. At the beginning of the second chapter when Amelia is waking up to a horrible headache and her gown in disarray, Bob wrote in the margin, “Moral of this story: don’t drink the fruity punch.”
  • I absolutely LOVE the name Elijah (and I certainly wish I’d thought of it while thinking up names for my boys)–it’s probably my favorite name of all of my heroes.
  • I had no idea that Henry was so…difficult and serious until this book! But I still love him.
  • I got the idea for the glass blowing scene after seeing a glass blowing demonstration. I think the skill is fascinating.
  • I didn’t want to rehash the sadness of Edward’s death, so I simply eluded to it (and in the next book), but still wanted to give him a little scene, hence the beginning.
  • I got the idea of prologue a few years back when my son used to come home from Kindergarten and complain that all the girls used to chase him around, tackle him and try to kiss him. He hated it. I thought it was hysterical and just had to hang onto the idea until I found a book where it’d work.
  • It took me almost six months to write this book and at times I honestly wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but then it all just came together.
  • I really didn’t have a plan for this book other than that they’d known each other their entire lives. How romance would form I didn’t know until I started writing.

6 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday ~ His Jilted Bride”

  1. Our former preacher’s wife used to freak out over my iguana and rats (all deceased now). I can’t even imagine her reaction if I had a tarantula. LOL

    I work with a man who has a grandson named Elijah. Great name!

  2. Really? The twins had pet tarantulas because you did? How fun! Love how you have incorporated snippets of your real life into you stories. Maybe that is what makes them so real. Thank you for sharing.

    1. My books are FULL of my life stories. As my husband says: “If you don’t like the books, you won’t like the author.” It’s true. I sometimes have to catch myself and determine if I really want THAT to be in a book.

  3. Why tarantulas? 😥 Why not three fluffy adorable cats! In fact all the names listed seem like good cat names.I am so scared of spiders! Do you let the tarantula’s roam around your house?

    1. I got the first tarantula in response to my husband getting a critter I didn’t like too well. Then he died and a few years later, my husband thought it’d be nice to get me another pet tarantula for Mother’s Day… Yeah, I’m the mom who gets pet spiders and cacti for Mother’s Day. Anyway, that one died while we were on a trip and someone else was taking care of it, so when we returned, she apologized profusely and bought us another–that’s how we got three. My personal favorite was Harry (the first one) and yes, I did let him out of his tank to crawl on my hands/arms, but not around the house.

      Oh and at the time we got these, we didn’t live in a place that allowed pets like cats and dogs.

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