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MmmmmMonday ~ Quinoa Patties

It’s Monday again and this week, I’m going to share a recipe that I’ve only made three times: Quinoa patties.


1/2 C Quinoa (rinsed)
1 C water
1/2 crown of broccoli–chopped
1/2 medium onion–diced
1/4-1/2 C shredded cheese
1/4 C breadcrumbs
1 egg OR 1 flaxseed egg if preferred it works the same
1-3 TBS of olive oil


1. Cook quinoa according to package (1 C of water in a frying pan, when bubbling, add Quinoa and let simmer for approximately 10 minutes). Set aside.

2. Sauté the chopped broccoli and diced onion together  (either with olive oil or if you’d rather use less oil, I’ve found that water sautéing works just fine). When onions are translucent take off heat and mix with Quinoa.

3. Add in all other ingredients and mix well.

4. Form into quarter-cup size balls, then flatten into a patty and cook one of two ways. A. Fry each side for 7-9 minutes on the stove top (2 of these patties fit in a standard frying pan), just make sure you put the olive oil down or they might stick; or B. press them onto a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 375 for 9-12 minutes, then flip and bake them for another 9-12 minutes. I prefer the cookie sheet (or you can even do something similar on an ungreased griddle if you’d rather). The reason I like the cookie sheet is that not only do I not have to use the oil, but I can only get two of these into a frying pan at a time and if they each need 7-9 minutes on each side, but the time the second batch is done, the first batch is cold. So with the cookie sheet/griddle method they’re all done and the same temperature at the same time.

The above portions make 6 patties and I’ve doubled the recipe with no problems.

I’ve served these as just a patty with corn and potatoes and I’ve served them on buns with lettuce, tomato and onions (like a hamburger). I’m attaching a picture of my latest attempt at them, but I have to warn you, I tried to flip them after only five and a half minutes and messed up their shape. But they still tasted good so that’s what’s important.



In case you’re wondering what a flaxseed egg is, I’ll quickly do my best to explain it. Take 1 TBS of flaxseeds and stir it into 3TBS of HOT water. It doesn’t have to be boiling water, but warm won’t work quite as well. You’ll need to let your tap run for a few minutes. Then stir it together until the water is dark and there are no clumps of seeds. Then you pour it into your mix. I’ve used a flax egg while baking many things and haven’t noticed a difference. Well, except for scrambled or fried eggs, then it’s not quite the same but for baking and cooking, it’s a very straightforward and healthy alternative.

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