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Fun Fact Friday ~ His Yankee Bride

  • I personally think this story has the most similarities to my relationship with Bob than any of my others. Maybe not our personalities, but we eloped one afternoon and later found out that the guy who married us may or may not have been licensed to do so. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the money to go get remarried and just prayed for the best. We’ve been living together and acting as Mr. and Mrs. so long enough now that there’s no longer a possibility of us just living in sin as we’d be considered common-law married. Isn’t that great?
  • When I first started writing this book, we took a family vacation to Charleston (the locale of the book) and spent several days touring the city and some of the plantation homes on the outskirts.
  • I’d originally planned to give Gabriel a side romance in this book, but as we all know, I am horrible at doing that and couldn’t. He’ll one day have his own book, but I’m not sure when.
  • Marjorie was nearly an afterthought–at least at first. I’d gotten as far as the part where John gets a sunburn and felt like I’d written myself into a hole with the only person who Carolina could talk to being Bethel. So on a whim, I was like, “Oh, I know where she gets the idea for a quick treatment for his burn: the neighbor girl Marjorie tells her” and wrote her in. Then when I went back for a second draft, I wrote about their first visit at Marjorie’s plantation. It wasn’t until after I’d asked a few others for ideas on the book, that Marjorie made her way into the opening scene.
  • I’ve had characters who I didn’t like: mainly Robbie because even Lady O for her awfulness was still somewhat amusing, but I all out DETESTED Mrs. Ellis. In fact, I actually wanted to reach in the story and slap her silly. Repeatedly.
  • I didn’t really have a plan for this story until I started it. I just knew John was visiting in America when they met while she was wearing that fancy red dress that she gave Brooke in Intentions of the Earl. Oh and that John didn’t have quite the same attraction to Carolina at the start–only she refused to believe it.
  • It really wasn’t in my original master plan to bring Edward and Regina to America, but the taxidermy thing I mentioned last week prompted me to. Plus, I think it gave closure for John and Edward as they were both about to move on with their lives in their perspective countries and form their own families.
  • My husband absolutely loved the part where Carolina compares a part of John to a battering ram and even tried to convince me to have him (John) later tell her, “Lower the drawbridge and open the castle doors because here comes the battering ram.” As you can see, I refused. In fact, I was horrified that he thought I’d actually take him up on such a suggestion.
  • At last check, this was my husband’s favorite book of mine as it was the first one he stayed up (outside on the back porch with mosquitos buzzing around his head due to the light on the iPad, no less) until 2 a.m. to finish it.

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