Okay, before anyone thinks I’m totally off my rocker, it’s been a crazy few weeks so just go with me.

As some of you already know, in the past six months I have transformed into a bonafide health nut. Yes, yes, I have. I think I posted on here last week that I’ve been trying to eat healthier in 2014 and cook up at least one new (healthy) recipe each week.

Then the emails came in with questions about: what do you cook and can you post some vegetarian recipes on your blog. So for the next few Mondays I’m going to try a new feature MmmmmMonday and feature a recipe.

Before I post the first one though, I should mention that I’m a vegetarian. A real vegetarian these days. It used to be that I was what I’d consider myself to be a “modified meat eater”. When I stopped eating meat, I just found replacements: boca burgers, soy bacon/sausage, meal starters, veggie meatballs etc. For years I ate this way, just using a chemical-soy hybrid replacement for meat in my meals. These days, I’m trying to use more actual vegetables! Yay! I’ve also moved down my amount of cheese consumption from just about every meal down to 3 meals per week maximum and as of late, I’ve noticed it’s been more like just one or two.

Tonight we ate (and enjoyed) some cheese. So this one isn’t vegan, but vegetarian and still really healthy.

Mondays are rush days for me. My husband has night school from 5-9 and since we like to eat as a family each night, we’ve had to move dinner up to 4:30. After I pick my kids up at 3:30, I only have an hour to make something. So, I go for quick and easy and the two things I’m about to list are just that.

1. Zucchini Pizzas. 


1-2 Zucchinis depending on how many you’re feeding
1-Jar of pizza sauce (always, always, always, buy your pizza sauce in a jar and not in a can–if you cannot find pizza sauce, you can make your own with tomato sauce and italian seasoning)
Shredded Cheese (as little or as much as desired)


Pre-heat oven to 350
Slice the Zucchini into slices about 1/8-1/4″ thick and lay out on a bare, ungreased baking sheet
Top with a spoonful of sauce onto each, then sprinkle with cheese
Bake for 12-15 minutes


2. Cream Cheese and Veggie Pizzas


Pizza crust–pre-made or one of those refrigerated ones OR sandwich thins
Cream Cheese (I used a Greek yogurt type of cream cheese, so it wasn’t the real deal but still tasted great)
Vegetables of your choosing–broccoli, tomatoes, and bell peppers work great
Italian seasoning


Cook crust if needed, but don’t make it hard, you really just want to make it firm and warm.
Spread cream cheese on crust (if this was a refrigerated crust dough, you’ll need to put the cream cheese covered crust into the fridge for 30 minutes to make the cream cheese firm again)
Chop up vegetables and spread out on top of crust
Sprinkle on the Italian seasoning

Serve and eat!


Obviously today I took the easy (lazy) way out, but both of these are great ways to eat some of your favorite foods in a more healthy way so you can be like me and justify it!


4 thoughts on “MmmmmMonday”

  1. I’ve always been careful not to buy dented can tomato products for sure!

    The zucchini pizzas actually look good. Don’t think the boys will like them. Bet you could use eggplant just as easily. Eggplant parmesan has both sauce and cheese. What do you think?

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