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Fun Fact Friday ~ His Contract Bride

  • I’d never actually intended to write this book until I got somewhere in the middle of Her Sudden Groom and realized that I REALLY loved Edward (and Regina) and wanted to see him as a hero.
  • I was supposed to be writing the first Fort Gibson Officer’s Series book when I just couldn’t take it any longer and had to stop writing Wes and Allison’s story and write this one.
  • At about the halfway through this book I’d boxed myself into a hole. A deep one surrounded by thorn bushes. To fix it, I divided up all the scenes I had so far so each one was in a different “document”, and juggled them around and repasted them back into the official document to make them work so that I could go forward. I then read everything I had to make sure I didn’t expose something too soon. I loved how much better things worked out like this, but just to make sure I was on the right track, I asked my friend Jane Charles if I could send her what I had (around 38,000 words)  and get some feedback. In the few days she had it while reading it over and thinking of feedback, I wrote the entire rest of the book.
  • This was the first book I had made into audio. It was also my first book to win an award.
  • I’ll admit it, I giggled while imagining Bea, the old Lady Sinclair (Marcus and Olivia’s mother) and her hairstyle that had to be so exact that her maid would measure the circumference of each of her curls and the distance between them.
  • I never actually intended to write Bea to be a super sourpuss, priss-pot, she kind of wrote herself and since she was Lady O’s mother, I just shrugged and went with it. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (and neither does the nut job…).
  • I got the idea for the canoe scene after taking a family canoe trip where my, then five year-old, son jumped up suddenly and demanded he needed to pee. NOW! Though just a young lad, his insistence, complete with squirming sure rocked that boat.
  • I wrote the taxidermy animals as a passive-aggressive response to a complaint I received from a self-proclaimed historian about mounted game in Intentions of the Earl. I have to say that while it started out for that reason, I ended up being so glad for the entire chain of events that lead to this decision happened because I think it played very well for showing Edward’s love for Regina not only in this book, but in His Yankee Bride as well.
  • I secretly long for a nightrail like what Regina wore…
  • While I can pick out certain aspects of my relationship with Bob in every single one of my books, it was after this one a friend I made through my books who I know almost exclusively through Facebook emailed me and said she thought this book most closely resembled mine and Bob’s relationship.
  • New cover!
    contract wrap



  • If you haven’t read this one and need a reason to do so besides seeing what scandalous thing Edward does next and getting to see the schemer John Banks as a young lad stirring up trouble, it is in this book we learn just who is responsible for the horrid decorations at the Watson Townhouse and just how they came to be.


10 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday ~ His Contract Bride”

  1. Just makes me want to read this one again too. I might have to stop reading your blog posts as it torments me so that I don’t have time to read every single one over until I have them memorized and can just read them in my head.

  2. I agree with Judy, I want to read it again. That’s one thing I adore about your writing, it never gets old and can read them again and again.

  3. I love your Fun Fact Fridays the best. It gives me great insight of what you were thinking, or not thinking, while writing your series. ♡♡

  4. I HAVE read this one and loved it.

    May I just say that taxidermy animals totally creep me out, even though I grew up with a grandfather and uncle that had them in their houses. It didn’t bother me then, but it does now. *shivers*

    1. Yay! RE the taxidermy animals, I’m not a fan of them, either, which is why I wrote them into the first book. They were there for the ick factor. It just grew from there.

  5. I am late to read of this, but it is in the process of being corrected. I am 89% finished with it and am loving it! I am trilled to find out the reasons behind that atrociously decorated drawing room. It makes all kinds of sense now, right down to why it is still there in the next generation. I need to finish it now to find out about the taxidermy. And yes, His Yankee Bride is next up!

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