Today I want to talk about habits, and I don’t mean the outfits that nuns wear.

Instead, I mean actions, good and bad.

I have plenty of bad habits:

  • I LOVE candy and pizza–and apparently they both love me too for both stick to me like glue.
  • I honk my horn at drivers who take my turn at the 4-way stop or cut in front of me–my husband claims this just might lead to my death with people having road rage, I might honk at the wrong person and they might pull out a gun and shoot me.
  • I yell at people in my head–see the above comment.
  • I’m sarcastic all the time. Even when it’s not a good idea.
  • I lie to my children about some of the above on a regular basis: “No, Mommy didn’t mumble that that guy is a jackass; I said jackanapes.”

I have plenty of habits that don’t hurt anyone:

  • I enjoy roller coasters and when we go to the amusement park, it’s all I want to do. Shop? No. Ride spinning ride? Nah, not for me. Let’s go ride a coaster!
  • When I open a new book, I’ll use the search feature to see just how soon the hero and heroine are going to be romantic.
  • I “buy” books I know I won’t read just because they’re free…
  • I always paint my fingernails and toenails different colors.
  • When Bob and I are going down a little hill on our tandem bicycle, I’ll put my arms out and pretend I’m flying (complete with belting the song, “I believe I can fly”), however, when the hill is really steep, I cling for dear life to the back of his seat and beg him to put on the brakes. I’m sorry but 55 mph is for cars (and roller coasters), not bicycles.

I also have some really good habits, but what they are, I can’t think about right now.

I was told that if you do the same thing every day for 21 days, it’ll become a habit. So, we’re 21 days into the new year, and I thought I’d share with you all some of the new “habits” I wanted to do this year and tattle on myself whether I’ve kept them or not.

Totally lost:

  • Write an average of 2,000 words a day–had I kept up with that, I’d be at 42,000 words in this next book and not at 7,000 words.
  • Style my hair each day. I know it sounds funny, but when you spend all day at home, holed up in an office, your “style” becomes a ponytail. I wanted to at least try to do something different. So far, the only times I’ve done something with my hair is when I’m going to church.

Somewhat kept:

  • Eat better. I’ve made some modifications, and I’ve gotten better, but it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. The first three days of the new year, I was all on board for eating right, then I started backsliding and lost about a week before getting back on track with cooking healthy.
  • Working hours. I vowed this year, I’d only work from 8-3 M-F, then from 8-10pm M-Th; leaving my weekends completely free and having afternoons to spend with my kids. What can I say, old habits die hard and sometimes it’ll be 6 on a Sunday morning and I’ll be rolling out of bed and walking up to my office. I’m really working on this one, but I have to admit it’s a very hard one to break sometimes.


  • Only eating out once per week. I know, I know, eating out is so expensive and unhealthy, but for as bad for you physically and financially as it was, there have been times in the past two years where we’ve gone out to eat just about every day of the week because I didn’t feel like cooking.
  • Exercise each day–this has been brutally hard. Bob and I have started two exercise regimens. The first is to do the 30 day planking challenge. This is where you come up on your elbows and toes and hold your body flat across for a certain amount of time. It starts out with 20 seconds, then goes to 30 and gradually builds up to 5 minutes. Right now, we are in the middle of it (well, more like the last 3rd) and are at 2 minutes. We do this at night and in the morning, we get up and do an exercise DVD. We started with Jillian Michael’s Shed and Shred, but have moved onto T-25. I must say that this T-25 is the most exhausting exercises I’ve ever done. But I’ve kept it up.
  • One new recipe per week. Yeah, we’re only three weeks in, but I must say that I’ve been very proud of myself with this. I used to make this vow every now and then and then go peruse recipes and end up deciding nothing looked good and I’d stick with the 10 meals I already know. So far, I’ve tried: lentil loaf, quiche (not very healthy, but hey), quinoa patties and stuffed bell peppers. I’ve also tried my hand at some healthy baked goods.

So, three weeks into the new year, what new habits did you vow to start that you’ve kept? What has been your struggles and successes?

10 thoughts on “Habits…”

  1. I have a lot of the same bad habits, Rose….I, too honk at cars that cut me off, as well as the ones that don’t come to a “complete” stop at stop signs (one of my biggest pet peeves when driving). I also call other drivers not-so-nice names (have to watch this one when grand kids are in the car with me).

    I have only set myself to two “goals” this year, which I think you know about….one being losing some unwanted weight, and the other being leaving reviews as soon as I finish a book. So far, weight loss has been slow, but I’m determined to keep striving to get it off. Leaving reviews has been going pretty good, but it’s early in the year yet, so hopefully I can keep going strong with that!

    1. I need to lose some weight, too. But more than that, I want to stay healthy–even if it means losing weight slowly and with TONS of work, I’d rather do that than put harmful chemicals in my body. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I want to give up on the exercise and look up diet pills.

      I think leaving reviews is a great goal. Authors will appreciate it.

  2. Good job, Rose! I think the only one I’ve really kept up with well is exercise. I’m on the treadmill 6 mornings a week. I’ve also started the FlyLady system of cleaning house, but with my husband out of work right now, he’s keeping it very clean without me. 🙂 He would rather be working, though.

    1. FlyLady has a house cleaning method? Whatever you do, don’t tell my husband!

      I tried the treadmill, but I kept getting distracted and would get on then off, so I have migrated over to doing more actual work outs. Then, in 30 minutes it’s done and over and I can get exercise off my brain for the rest of the day.

  3. I am addicted to free books which I get most of them through a site called OHFB one hundred free books. All the work is done for you, just click and get.
    I started a weight loss program almost a year ago and have had ups and downs but because it is a change in what I eat and when I eat it I am getting much better.
    My first goal for this year is to stick to it better and get rid of the crappy fat.
    My second goal is to start a blog about everything and nothing. I think as a mother of 4 going through a divorce, working full time and coaching I have a ton of information to offer others. From recipes to my crazy (not always good) decisions.
    My third goal is to actually finish one of my stories.
    I have found that I am extremely good at proof reading and hope to find a job doing so before the end of the year.
    So what I am saying is I must be pro active. Goodness that sounds like a lot of work! lol

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