Gentlemen of Honor, Secrets of a Viscount

Secrets of a Viscount is live!

I know, it’s only been a month since Traveler came out, but I have another new book that just cannot wait to be unleashed on the world!

Secrets of a Viscount

One summer night, Sebastian Gentry, Lord Belgrave hauled the wrong young lady to Gretna Green. When her identity is exposed, the only obvious solution is to get an annulment. Only, just like his elopement plans, things didn’t go as planned and while she has reason to believe they are no longer married, he knows better. Wanting to make things right for her, he offers to help her find a husband…

Isabelle Knight has just been given an unexpected fortune and is in the midst of doing what she never believed she’d have to do: spend a Season on the Marriage Mart. Finding no one who seems to catch her fancy–or even seems bearable to tolerate until death do them part–her entire world is sent spinning with the sudden appearance of none other than her former husband.

Isabelle is in no position to refuse his offer to help her find a husband and reluctantly agrees, but what neither counts on is her future husband just might be the one she’s still secretly married to.

This book is now available in eBook format at the following places:


I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

10 thoughts on “Secrets of a Viscount is live!”

  1. Dear Rose, I was thoroughly enjoyed your Scandalous Sisters and The Grooms series and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the new series on the way! Description of the Secrets of a Viscount is so promising and I can’t wait to read it! Needless to say, it’s on my TBR list! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you, Ivana! I hope you love Sebastian and Isabelle as much as I do.

      Not to add even more titles to your TBR list but…did you ever see the Banks Brothers’ Brides series? It’s a continuation of the Groom Series. Edward and Regina (Alex and Edwina’s parents) are the first story, then it goes to John and Carolina (Brooke, Madison and Liberty’s parents) then to both of Alex and Edina’s brothers: Elijah and Henry.

      Thanks for reading and popping in!

      1. Haha, yes, my TBR list is not short! I’m familiar with the Banks Brother’s Brides series but I have not read. Thanks for the suggestion!
        And I just know that I will like Sebastian and Isabelle!
        Thank you for the wonderful books!

      2. Thank you for reading my books! I wouldn’t be opposed if you moved some of them a little higher up your TBR list. *grins* Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for reading my books!

  2. This peaked my interest when I seen it come up the other day. On my tbr list. I look forward to reading it. Love you books! And this looks to be just as good. Thank you!

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