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Fun Fact Friday ~ Her Secondhand Groom

  • I originally thought that Patrick would marry Juliet’s sister. Unfortunately that didn’t work out because there was no chemistry.
  • I realized on a camping trip that this book wasn’t going to work as it was (no way to salvage Patrick and Henrietta) and allowed my husband to use the printed partial manuscript as fire kindling.
  • This was the first book that I posted my husband’s ever-helpful edits. One of which I really couldn’t post publicly…
  • I changed the three young girls’ names the night before publishing Reluctant because one of the girls was Ella and Emma was the heroine of that book. I didn’t want confusion. Because I already had this book written at that point, I changed the names in both books using the search and replace tool and shamefully I must admit that I couldn’t even tell you what the three daughters’ names are.
  • I plotted none of this book. It was completely character-driven.
  • I wrote Juliet wearing that green dress from the cover the night Patrick took her to Alex and Caroline’s because that’s when he finally “saw” her as a woman and as his wife.
  • I think Lord Presumptuous is one of my favorite nicknames I’ve given a character.
  • I wrote about a third of this book in the car while on my way home from a vacation in the Smoky Mountains.
  • I gave Juliet a few of my less-than-attractive features–small chested (until I had children) and glasses so thick she they could light a fire just by turning your  head at the right angle.
  • I once did a series of polls over favorite heroes, heroines and who you (the reader) would want to be courted by. Nobody’s favorite was Patrick nor did anyone want to be courted by him, however, this is rather embarrassing to admit, I’m rather fond of him and I think though he does things wrong a lot, he’s probably one of my heroes I’d respond most to if he were trying to court me.
  • This book was a finalist in the 2012 Silken Sands Contest
  • When I went to the awards dinner to see if this book won the contest, I bought a green dress to wear…unfortunately, I was a little too optimistic in my endeavor to lose weight and got stuck in said dress…
  • This cover is my absolute favorite of the series and even my favorite of all the books I currently have out.
  • New  Wraparound:
  • Secondhand wrap sample



  • The comment from my husband that I couldn’t post? My husband lovingly has nicknamed this book the “Where did the semen go?” book.

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