Fun Fact Friday ~ Her Sudden Groom


  • It took me five weeks to write the entire book. It would have only taken three, but my son accidentally knocked my laptop off the table and I had to start all the way over. I even remember the exact spot I was at. Marcus and Alex were talking in Marcus’ study after Alex had had Caroline over to play chess and Marcus just put his feet up on the desk and scraped the sides of his boots together. That was the last line I’d written before dinner. During dinner, my over-zealous child was bouncing around and knocked the laptop on the floor and I had to begin again.
  • This is my longest novel coming in at just over 106,000 words.
  • This is my first (and so far my only) book to make the USA Today Bestseller List.
  • I’ve sold Foreign rights to this book and in early 2014 should have it available in German.
  • I have NO idea if there is such a thing as lawn chess but I’d like to think there is.
  • I got the idea for the plot because I once asked my husband (who wasn’t my husband then) just what he thought he was doing and he said, “An experiment to see if this makes you like me”. Thus came the idea for the plot.
  • I am more like Caroline than I want anyone to know.
  • It’s been so long since I wrote this book (three years) that half the time I forget Alex wore glasses.
  • Everyone always puts Alex and hedgehogs together, but few remember that it wasn’t in this book where Alex first mentioned hedgehogs.
  • I, myself, didn’t even realize that Alex had siblings until his mother chastised him for not telling Caroline and rattled off their names and ages!
  • I also suggested that we name one of our son’s Alex. As you can tell, we did not.
  • Edward really didn’t have a role before this book (very small one in the first book) but as soon as he came onto the paper in this one I fell in love, which is why I decided immediately I’d have to write his and Regina’s story.
  • A few days before the book was to come out, I got cold feet about Edward’s death and started to second-guess if it was necessary to let him die, but decided it was the right thing to do because…
  • Nine months earlier when I started to write the book, my maternal grandfather was dying of brain cancer. Thankfully, I wasn’t present to see him at his worst, but I always considered him a favorite grandparent and to channel my own hurt, grieving and acceptance, I created Edward. I have no idea I’d grow to love Edward so much and later make him a hero, but there you have it. It was my way of coping. Strangely enough, I finished writing the book the night before he died. (A little morbid, sorry.) But it was because of my own struggles with death and acceptance that I kept the story as it was. That’s where I was in my life and that’s how the story needed to be for me.
  • Sometimes I get criticized for Lady O’s awful appearance and demeanor, but the truth of it is, back then hygiene wasn’t a real concern and I don’t really think it’s out of the realm of possibility that she was that disgusting.
  • The rumors are true that one time I may have…er…accidentally popped out of the front of my pajama’s and “pulled a Lady O”.
  • My new cover for this book looks something a little like this:

Sudden wrap


4 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday ~ Her Sudden Groom”

  1. It’s been a while since my latest reread of this (I think I’ve actually read it three times so far and intend to read it many more), but . . . the hedgehogs are mentioned in this book, too? There is a second scene involving the hedgehogs that comes to mind. Maybe that’s in this one. Both scenes I can currently recall are fun.

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