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A few updates

As mentioned on Monday, Traveler is now for sale.

Even at Apple, I think! It was listed as a pre-order early this morning so either my fix will work and it should be available this afternoon or at the latest, it’ll be downloadable on Friday.

To celebrate Gray losing his bachelor freedom, I am hosting a “launch party” this Thursday night from 7-8:30 pm CST on Facebook and you are ALL welcome to attend to chat, win prizes or just lurk and shake your head at the chaos. If you’re interested in attending, the party is at this link on Facebook. Feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested.

My giveaway is off to a running start, but…

I was promised I did everything right, but alas there was one minor detail overlooked and the darn thing wouldn’t embed in my post. So, for those who’d like to participate but would rather not go to a third-party site you’ve never been to before, I now have it embedded on this page at my website and on my publisher site. I’ll also be posting it up on Facebook. I want as many to be able to participate as want to so please feel free to share!

Because of this horrid snafu that has given me no less than four gray hairs (still undiscovered though), I have decided to extend the deadline to December 20, 2013 at 12pm CST. Good luck!

What’s with the Facebook group?

For a while now, the majority of my posts were not reaching everyone who followed my page. I’d noticed that once I hit about 100 followers, that only about 75% were seeing all of my posts (I just get a number, not names of who sees it so relax, I’m not Facebook stalking anyone). As my number of followers have grown, the number of people who see the posts really hasn’t. I consider it a “good” post when 200 of the 765 see a post. Usually, only about 100 or so see my posts and some average less than that. Sometimes this results in some confusion or even some disgruntled readers who didn’t know Traveler was out or that I was running a giveaway. Therefore, I have created a group. By doing so, I’m hoping to reach a wider swath of those who are interested in keeping updated. You are all welcome to come join the group! You can even gain entries into the giveaway by doing so.

Have a great day! I know this really wasn’t very wicked for Wednesday, but I’ll have some fun for Friday with my husband’s edits.

4 thoughts on “A few updates”

  1. I am most certainly coming to your launch party. I was going Christmas shopping that evening, but I think I’ll wait until Friday. See how much I love you? LOL

    I sort of wish I had done a group instead of an author page. One reason I didn’t is because I felt like there was more maintenance with a group. I could be wrong. But I’m finding that my posts don’t reach too many people, either, so I end up not doing them. I think some people actually use their profile to post through their page somehow. What I’m wondering is when FB is going to figure out what people are doing with groups, and find some way to limit group interaction unless it’s paid for, like they do with the pages. 😦 But for now, it’s good to use the resources we have!

    1. Lauralynn, I am flattered! I hope everyone has a good time. These things make me a little nervous. We’ll see.

      I wondered the same things: maintenance and when groups would be cut. When I first started in 2011, I never really foresaw this happening. But to be expected to pay close to $50 each post so everyone can view it just seems ridiculous.

      1. I need to plan my FB launch. I’m scared to death to do mine, because I want people to have fun. I’m not sure what all I need to do. I know I need some contests and questions, etc.

        FB really thinks highly of themselves, wanting to charge that much. Good grief!

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