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Fun Fact Friday ~ To Win His Wayward Wife

[As mentioned on Wednesday, if you haven’t yet read this book–you need to stop reading this post and go read the book! Spoilers throughout.]

  • I wrote this book in 10 days, yes, only 10 days!
  • I would have named one of my boys Benjamin, but alas, my husband didn’t like it.
  • I knew very early on (like chapter two) of the first book that these two would get together.
  • I did not know, however, their backstory. I just thought they’d be found in a scandalous situation together and be forced to marry. It wasn’t until the beginning of chapter two when we’re in Benjamin’s POV at the wedding that it was revealed even to me that they’d known each other before. As the words and backstory came together, I just sat back and let it happen.
  • Of all of my books this one seems to always be considered a favorite–apparently because of the hero. And I don’t mind at all.
  • This book was a true “pantser” story. I only knew that the two would get married. Everything else was up to them. I had no idea that Benjamin was so smitten with her already or that they’d go swimming or that he’d kidnap her. Nothing. This one was definitely character driven.
  • I cannot paint at all, therefore, I wanted a heroine who could and Madison amazed me when she magically had the skill.
  • The Indian Legend about the second toe being longer than the first being directly correlated to one’s intelligence, is actually something I was told WAS an Indian Legend. I have no idea if it’s a true legend or not, but I thought it’d be fun to include.
  • I didn’t plan from the start of the series to have Robbie Swift show up, but when it happened in the epilogue of Liberty for Paul (not by my design), I thought that was the perfect way to have Benjamin and Madison end up in  a scandal!
  • I kind of had an idea of Madison’s past in America and what all it had entailed, but even at the end that was a shocking twist for me.
  • One of my favorite emails regarding this book came from an author friend of mine who was reading it and just made it to start of chapter two and stopped reading to write me a very simple message: “No FREAKING way, Gateway?!” And that’s when I knew I did my job right.
  • There are a number of clues in the previous books that lead up to Benjamin being the hero of this book. Here are a few:
    ~He never really gave Andrew a reason for hiring him to ruin Brooke, nor could Brooke and Andrew come to a sensible conclusion as to why he’d have done that.
    ~ In Intentions, they were at a house part dinner, talking about the girls’ unusual names (mainly Brooke and Liberty since they were the ones present) and it was Benjamin who inquired about Madison’s name.
    ~In book two, he already has a ring, that he not only trusts Liberty to hold onto for him, but also says the woman he plans to give it to won’t mind.
    ~ He keeps the ring in his over-stuffed pockets and in the epilogue, he’s standing in the corner with his hands in his over-stuffed pockets. Oh, and he’d just so happened to mention to Liberty that he was headed to London to find a wife.
  • Every time someone contacts me and refers to Benjamin as Ben, a naughty thought pops into my head. If you’ll notice in the book, Madison only calls him Ben when one of them are in  distress (his nightmare or the end when she’s recounting her story to him), but most of the time she calls him that is when they’re…er…in the throes of passion. Every other time, she calls him Benjamin. So when someone comments that they love Ben, I always blush a little.
  • Be warned this might be a little TMI. When I was having trouble finding a good cover for this book, my husband and I jokingly came to the conclusion we’d put feet on the cover. Feet in a creek, to be specific. To be more specific, we joked it’d be a picture of ours together in a creek since essentially, I described ours in the book when Madison was drawing the feet. Thankfully, we found something more appropriate.
  •  My father read this book early and found a typo in the bath scene. Instead of Madison’s knee brushing Benjamin’s hardness, apparently she brushed his harness. I was mortified not only that I’d made such a mistake, but that it was my father who’d found it!
  • While writing this book, I refused to tell my husband who Madison married and at night, I’d tease him, saying that it was Alex because I needed to bring some closure to his character (at the time, I had no idea I’d write books beyond these first three). When I’d finally convinced him she married Alex, he promptly informed me that he wouldn’t be reading it then. It was like twisting his arm to get him to finally relent and I had to chuckle at the surprise on his face when he reached chapter two.
  • I’m also having a new wrap around cover done for this book (all of them, actually) and here is what it should look like when we’re done:
    Wife wrap 4

Next week, in lieu of featuring Sudden and in preparation of releasing The Officer and the Traveler, I’ll be featuring Traveler (not necessarily with the same format, but with excerpts, a giveaway, comments from Bob and a few other things).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday ~ To Win His Wayward Wife”

  1. How did you write it in ten days? Did your husband give you ten days to yourself and took the kids to his parents or something? I don’t think I could write a book in that short of time to save my life. LOL

    Who on earth couldn’t figure out it was Gateway? LOL Just kidding. I remember going back and rereading the beginning just to make sure I didn’t misunderstand what was going on.

    I love the look of your full cover.

    1. No, Bob didn’t take the kids away. It was before I had a website or Facebook. Before I had to actually DO anything except just write. Well, and spend hours on end playing Candyland and Legos.

      The story just came.

      I have NO idea who couldn’t figure it out. *grins*

      Thanks, these covers have been a real pain in the hiney!

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